Nursing discussion: Life ad faith according to Mark and Matthew

Nursing discussion: Life ad faith according to Mark and Matthew
There are many places in Matthew and Mark that show how life and faith are connected, especially through the wonders Jesus did. Matthew 8:5–13 and Mark 10:46–52 show how the servant of the centurion and Bartimaeus, who was blind, were both healed. If you look at each section more closely, you can learn more about the doctrine of life and faith and how it applies to the time and to the present.
Matthew tells the story of how the centurion’s helper was healed in Capernaum. In the Roman army, a centurion was in charge of a hundred soldiers. The slave boy who worked in the centurion’s home was a helper. He had palsy. It is a disease that has no known cause, can happen at any age, makes the facial muscles weak, and gets worse after 48 hours. The passage says that the centurion liked the boy, which means that he did his job well and was therefore trustworthy. He begged Jesus to save the boy by telling him what to do. So, Jesus didn’t have to be there in person with the boy at the centurion’s house.
At that time, Jews and Gentiles did not get along because Jews thought that being around Gentiles would make them dirty. From this, the soldier thought that Jesus shouldn’t come to his house. He also knew that troops would do what he told them to do if he told them to come, go, or do something. In spite of all these bad things happening, Jesus was amazed by the boy’s faith and healed him. The centurion’s faith was more important than the fact that he was a Gentile.
The most important thing to learn from the story is how important faith was in making the boy well again. But people were sure that Jesus could heal because word got out about the miracles he did. So, people from all walks of life are drawn to services that are delivered well.
Mark’s story about how God healed Bartimaeus shows that he had active faith in his desire to get his sight back. Bartimaeus was sitting by the road in Jericho asking for money when Jesus came by. The text shows several things about his faith that helped him get better. First, he knew who Jesus was because he called him “Son of David,” which shows that he knew Jesus was a king. Second, he keeps calling Jesus even though many people tell him to calm down. The third part is that he expects to change when Jesus calls him. Bartimaeus’s decision to throw away his cape showed how sure he was that things were about to change. He was sure that he would never beg again or go back to being blind. The last thing about him is that he knew exactly what he wanted. He asked Jesus to help him see again, and because of his faith, he could see right away.
The story of blind Bartimaeus shows how faith can change a person’s life in both physical and financial ways. Bartimaeus had to beg for money because he could no longer do anything useful because he had lost his sight. Even though Jesus could have given him anything he wanted, he didn’t ask for anything special. Bartimaeus got what he wanted because of how simply he talked about his faith and how determined he was.


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