Charge Nurse essays

Who Is a Charge Nurse?

A charge nurse is an RN overseeing and leading other nurses in a healthcare facility or a hospital ward. In as much as as they are charged with overseeing the other nurses, they also perform nursing duties couple with their managerial and supervision responsibilities. They ensure that ensure that every other nurse is doing their nursing duties competently and also organize nursing shifts of the nursing stuff. A charge nurse also ensures that everything runs smoothly between their stuff and other hospital administrators as they prepare schedules, delegate tasks, and also monitor admissions as well as patient discharges. Consequently, a charge nurse must portray sound communication skills, have a experience as a clinical experience nurse on the floor and also have competent management skills to excel at this position.

Becoming a Charge Nurse

In the current times, anyone aspiring to be a charge nurse must earn a BSN and get the RN license after passing the NCLEX-RN exam. They also need at least 3-5 years working in a clinical setting for experience before applying fir a position as a charge nurse. It is essential for any nurse inspiring to become a charge nurse to also gain experience in specialty departments such as labor and deliver, and CRITICAL CARE UNITS.  There are also a couple of typical skills that most healthcare facilities settle on the charge nurse to hire.

  • Should be able to offer direct care to patients
  • Can lift, move and position patients
  • Can monitor and chart information
  • Should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Can take charge as a supervisor of the entire nursing staff in the facility.
  • Can provide support, everyday guidance and direction to staff.
  • Must be skillful and efficient in assessing medical situations and expedite care.
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