Management and Leadership in nursing

Management and Leadership in nursing

Management and leadership have almost similar responsibilities in an organization, and it goes hand in hand with each other though they are two different things. According to (Monnappa, 2018) manager is a person who is employed by the organization to play the four primary functions that are required for an organization to run smoothly. Among the functions are controlling, organizing, planning, and leading. The main activity of the manager is to enhance the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives. A manager is given the responsibility and with the responsibility comes authority that a manager uses to improve the smooth running of the strategies that are used to meet the organization objective (Weiss, Tappen, & Grimley, 2019). Besides, a manager is involved in influencing the performance of the employee, the recruitment, disciplining, and to fire the employees in the organization.

Leaders, on the other hand, do not have any managerial positions that are assigned by the organization. Northouse (2013) argues that leaders have the power to influence other employees and do not have the positional authority from the organization. Besides, leaders influence the other employees because of their personality, behavior, or characteristics that make other people within the organization to believe and follow them. The leaders’ aims at the people’s interest, which mean they work towards the achievement of the follower’s goals and satisfaction while managers work towards the organizational goals.

Despite the fact that there is a difference between leadership and management, there exists an overlap between the two. Managers who are involved in influencing the employees in the organization to work together to achieve the goals of the organization are involved in leadership activities (Northouse, 2013). On the other hand, leaders at times are included in staffing, planning, controlling, and organizing, which is all the managerial roles.

An example of an overlapping situation is when a nurse leader by using different leadership styles, acts as a role model for the followers to follow. At the same time, the nurse leader works by setting realistic goals for a particular unit they are managing. Besides, the manager communicates effectively to the employees, conducts performance appraisal for the staff members, and acts with integrity to ensure that the patient gets quality health care services.


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