Community Health Nursing Article Critique

Community Health Nursing Article Critique
please review the marking crieteria the completed critique must be able to upload without any problem,some of my friends have problems like \’unauthorised author\’ like comment appear when they try to upload

I want to do a article critique ,part of my course assignment. kindly check the marking criteria.

Your critique should include, but is not limited to the following:
What type of study design is it? Provide rationale.
Are the findings reported consistent with information/knowledge that you have? Do the reported relationships make sense?
If reported, how strong is the observed association?
Would you incorporate the findings of this study into your community health nursing practice (i.e., the health promotion program that you are planning) or recommend this study to others? Provide rationale.
What further research question(s) would you develop in relation to this study and/or your observations?
Marking Criteria
Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.
Ability to analyze, evaluate, create, and engage in critical inquiry is evident throughout.
Adheres to APA (6th ed.) scholarly format – limit of 5 pages (excluding title, reference, and appendix pages).