Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing
Community health and population-focused nursing is an aspect of public health nursing that places its activities in a specific community. In this case, the nurse is tasked with the duty of working with the community members and the concerned agencies in promoting the health of the individuals while also preventing the eruption of diseases. Before engaging in real community settings, community health nurses can undergo virtual training to equip them with knowledge and skills concerning the community of interest (Davis, 2016).
Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

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This article entails the use of an immersive educational environment in the Sentinel City to conduct assessment and the health needs of the residents. From the simulation, various results are determined besides the learning of multiple strategies in handling community health nursing in real communities. The paper consists of multiple activities within Sentinel City, the health needs from the assessments, health determinants of the residents, the problems identified, the community resources useful in solving its issues as well as the application of the strategies in assessing communities in other settings.

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Need assessment- health needs and risks of the community


The Sentinel City consists of a population of 663,862 from the four towns. The demographics…

Neighborhood/Safety Assessment

While going round the various towns of the Sentinel City, each of them has occasional trash having rats and other stray animals though this changes as one move from higher income areas to lower income areas. In Industrial Heights…

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Population Scavenger Hunt

Within Sentinel City, there exist six community resources with each providing different programs to the community members…

Windshield Survey

The Windshield survey provides a general overview of the Sentinel City. Most of the buildings in the city appear…

Data Analysis- Concepts of Epidemiology and Health Determinants

Epidemiology entails the study of determinants of health as well as their distribution in specified populations and application of an assessment to curb the health concerns of the determined population. Sentinel City has many epidemiological concerns that are key to the health of the entire population that it serves.

Health determinants

They refer to the factors that lead to the occurrence of diseases as well as other health-related events. The occurrences of illness and other health-related events are assumed not to occur randomly in various populations but from the accumulation of various determinants and risk factors within a setting or in an individual (Baum, 2016). The various health determinants of health within the city of Sentinel are grouped as follows:

Demographic characteristics

From the demographic data the individuals under the age of..

Racial Diversity

Sentinel city is inhabited by three ethnic…

Environmental Exposures

The existence of trash…

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Potential Risks

According to Windshield survey,

Health-Related States

With the entire Sentinel city…

Discussion addressing top three problems of Sentinel city and supported by the healthy people 2020 goals

The first problem…

Community Resources Relevant to Addressing the Problems

From the data,…

Primary Prevention Topic

My primary prevention topic is Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Reflection- Application of the Learned Assessment Strategies from Simulation to the Community

Through the simulation environments,

Community health and population-focused nursing revolve around the community health nurse working in conjunction with the community members as well as other parties interested in the health of the community to prevent diseases and manage conditions in a specific community. The nurse ought to be aware of the demographics of the population as well as their resources that can be used in promoting their lives. The nurse plays various roles such as assessing the needs of the community and taking preventive, promotive and curative actions depending on the outcome of the assessment to curb the situation at hand. The virtual simulator environment as in the case of Sentinel City provides an ample setting for one to learn the assessment and management of various community needs. Through this learning process, an individual can determine the problems of a community as well as learn strategies such as critical analysis of data, comprehensive assessment of community needs, objective analysis as well as the use of multiple approaches in identifying the needs in the community. These strategies are applicable in the real-life situation in the management of various communities and effective community nursing.


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