writing Task 1:Community health in virtual city for Community Health class SENTINEL CITY

writing Task 1:Community health in virtual city for Community Health class SENTINEL CITY

B1. Data Analysis

Your goal is to link the health risks and needs evident in the data and information you collected during your assessments (e.g. mortality due to heart disease) to community characteristics you identified in your assessments (e.g. unwanted pregnancies, prevalence of smokers, poverty, low cigarette tax, cultural acceptance, etc…).

Choose about 4-5 health concerns you found while summarizing your assessments and discuss what you feel are contributing factors to those health concerns in SC. Be sure you are using terminology from the Epidemiology section of your course reading (rates, risk, prevalence, morbidity, mortality).

Please see the example below:

“My collected epidemiological data … The morbidity rates… Total births… The mortality rates… Prevalence…. risk factors …. Incidence … rates of ?? % of a particular concern.”

C1. Problems in the Selected Community Go to page 6 of the cohort email “Great in 28” and click the HP2020 video— watch this before you write this section.

I would recommend you provide a header for the “Three Health Concerns.”

Please narrow your focus to 3 health concerns (from B1) and explain in 1-2 paragraphs the rationale behind the reason the 3 are significant health issues in the Sentinel City community.

Discuss how the 3 Health Concerns relate to the Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives, and cite the HP2020 website. Go to https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topics-objectives scroll down and find your 3 topics. Use cited information from this website and include it in this section of the paper. See the attachment for help navigating HP2020.

C2. Availability of Community Resources- in Sentinel City

Include a logical discussion with substantial detail of the community resources in Sentinel City that are available to address one of the selected problems in C1. Be detailed as possible, how do they reach out to these people? What are the hours of operation? Cost? Funds if people can’t pay? Accessibility? If one has no transportation, are there services available? Etc…

Example: Currently there are several organizations/agencies available to aid in reaching the Healthy People 2020 goals and improve this situation. … farmer’s markets offered … per week in a centrally located area of the city … offer a wide selection of … choices at reasonable … The Feed My People food bank and Meals on Wheels are other options … The Community Table is yet another resource… organization serves one meal each day, every day of the year … The Women, Infants and Children program provides …this program limits the types of foods that can be purchased to healthy, nutritious options. The YMCA and Boys and Girls Club of the … Valley offer a program of activities that includes physical activity and recreation. Both organizations also focus on health and life skills, amongst other topics, that help foster well-rounded children. Both clubs also provided nutritious meals and snacks for the young … Etc… 

C3. Primary Prevention Topic

Include a header to discuss the “Primary Prevention Topic” for the same health topic you chose for C2.

Your primary prevention topic must be selected from the Approved Topic List found in the task 1 instructions (at the bottom you will find the link to the topics list). Your topic must connect to your community Health Concerns. For example, if there is a high prevalence of diabetes in your community you may select Obesity Prevention as the umbrella Primary Prevention Topic and show the linkages of a high rate of obesity to the risk factors of diabetes.

  1. Reflection

Discuss how the 4 assessment tools can be used to assess your real county. Write about how you would apply these assessment strategies when assessing your county. Please keep in mind, you will use these assessment tools to assess your county when you are in C229.

Sources— WGU Writing Center & APA Format

Please contact the Writing Center for assistance. You will find the link to the Writing Center on the introduction page of your course— at the bottom of the page. You will need to reference and cite Sentinel City and Healthy People 2020.