application of epidemiology in community health nursing

application of epidemiology in community health nursing
conduct a search studybased on new immigrant population for critique. critique should include,but not limited to 1.what type of study design is this?2.are the finding reported consistent with information/knowlege that you have?3.if reported how strong is the observed association?4.would you incorporate the findings of this study into your community health practice?or recommend this studt to others? provide rational.5.what further research questionwould you develop in relation to this study and your observation?
marking criteria.
each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.
ability to analyse,evaluate,create,and engage in critical inqury is evident throughout.
adhere to APA 6th edition scholarly format -limit of 5 excluding title,reference,and appendix page,research study is included as attachment this is the piece of reasech to be critised. this is the artcle which needs to be criticise.”