Community Teaching Plan: Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Community Teaching Plan: Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal


Obesity as a major challenge affecting children in the current times

Approximated time teaching

3 periods, each running for 40 to 0 minutes

Location of teaching

Church Community

Supplies/ materials needed

Note books, pens, pre-prepared obesity pamphlets, Projector kit, and laptop

Community target

Parents and school-going children aged above 10 years.

Epidemiological Rationale of the Topic:

Research has indicated that1/3 of the children’s population is obese. This is a problem that has raised an alarm in the nursing sector, and interventions are always being invited to help control this trend (Williams, 2012). This indicates that parents have a role in determining whether a child becomes obsess or not. This influence is attached to the feeding habits that parents use on their children and activities the children are subjected to.

Responding to these high cases of obesity will require that the members of the community to be introduced to the parameters they should monitor to detect early cases of obesity in children. This includes proper dieting and monitoring of their body mass index. Seeking answers as to whether the lifestyles of parents, which includes their eating habits, have any contribution to the development of overweight in children will help in designing training programs for the parents to elaborate on the important of adopting healthy lifestyles coupled with proper dieting.


This topic is very important in the recent times when obesity is a big challenge that is affecting the population. It is high time the nursing profession comes up with timely measures that will help control the rising cases of obesity which indicates that the future is not safe is suitable control measures are not introduced now. Controlling obesity is the only way that health care sector will ensure that the future will have a productive workforce to compensate for the rising aged population which is still a threat.










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