Teaching Plan

Teaching Plan

Learning need:  Being ready in ceasing substance abuse, alcohol abuse

Goal: The patient will demonstrate various strategies to be employed in stopping alcohol intake.

8 minutes ·         The client will be able to describe the impact of alcohol in one’s life.(Cognitive)


·         Explain the reasons leading to taking of alcohol.

·         Explain the various impacts of abusing alcohol. These entail the social, economic, emotional, and political as well as the health effects.


·         Supplying the knowledge on alcoholism and the impact on various body organs by discussion which promotes active involvement of the patient in learning.
7 minutes ·         Patient will be able to demonstrate various strategies that can be employed to stop the use of alcohol (Psychomotor)


·         Demonstrate various steps and strategies that can be used in cutting down and stopping alcohol intake. These ought to contain an alcoholic listing reasons of quitting, keeping a constant journal, cleaning the alcohol cabinet, participating in support group activities

·         Drafting a plan for managing the alcohol abuse and maintaining the new status without relapsing

·         Factors that may impair quitting process in substance abuse.


·         Using chart indicating steps of quitting which may entail diagrams, steps and procedures geared towards quitting. The visual aid indicating steps taken by an alcoholic are used.

·         Using paper and pen to plan for the quitting.

·         Explanation and discussion with the patient on factors that may hinder quitting.

5 minutes ·         The patient will express the need to stop alcohol abuse (Affective) ·         Significance of quitting alcohol and refraining from substance abuse. ·         Visual aids showing a non-alcoholic engaging in his or her usual activities.

·         Pictures showing an alcoholic who undergoes various problems including having liver cirrhosis, engaging in theft and fully depending on alcohol to perform the daily activities.