Scholarly Paper: A neoplastic disorder requiring symptom management

Scholarly Paper: A neoplastic disorder requiring symptom management
Scholarly Paper
Write an academic paper about a topic:
A neoplastic disorder requiring symptom management;
A disorder related to an altered immune system/infection (e.g. HIV/AIDS, allergies, etc.);

Scholarly Paper: A neoplastic disorder requiring symptom management
Remember to discuss the role and interventions of the nurse in whatever topic about which you write. The ability to express ideas clearly, to synthesize material, and present a logical argument is an essential skill for nurses.

The paper should be a maximum of 13 pages, including a Title page, Table of Contents, Section Headings, and References. Please do NOT include an abstract. Make sure you do not just string a number of quotations/observations from various authors together and make that your paper. Rather, you need to use the authors’ ideas to support YOUR discussions. Organize your paper as follows:

  • Title Page: (1 page) PAGE BREAK after the Title page
  • Table of Contents: (1 page) Be sure to number the sections and subsections (1., 2., 1.1, 1.2 etc.) PAGE BREAK after the Table of Contents
  • Introduction: (1 page maximum) The paper should begin with an introduction to the topic that outlines the purpose and scope of your paper. Explain why this topic is important for discussion, and outline what you are going to discuss in your paper. You may include your own thoughts and experiences in this introduction.
  • Content of paper: (6-7 pages maximum) Give this section a title (not ‘content of paper’) that will reflect what you are going to talk about. Provide an academic literature review about the topic, integrating at least 8 sources from current (within 5 years, i.e. 2015 or more recent) peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary publications. At least half of these references are to be from Nursing journals so that the connection to your chosen profession are articulated.
    Scholarly Paper: A neoplastic disorder requiring symptom management

Do not use sources that are not peer-reviewed. Websites such as Wikipedia or WebMD, for example, have not been subjected to review by a panel of experts and are not appropriate for academic papers. (On the “BIG BANG THEORY TV show, Rasheesh changed information on the Wikipedia website just for something to ‘do’!) Blogs are also considered personal opinions and not necessarily of scholastic merit. Similarly, newspaper clippings and popular literature such as Chatelaine magazine are also not usually peer-reviewed and are therefore not appropriate. Authors/Chapters from your textbook are not to be one of the eight sources, although they may be ‘additional’ references. Also, don’t just provide 8 organizational websites on diabetes such as the CDA. You need a mix of articles and reliable websites.

Make sure that you incorporate the discussion of the role and interventions of the nurse in relation to your selected topic. The paper is not an analysis of a certain disease (e.g. HIV); the disease is NOT the major part of the paper. Use section headings and sub-section headings as needed to enhance the readability of the paper. Reference any information you gleaned from the literature using standard APA (6th ed.) format.

  • Conclusion: (1 page maximum) Integrate your own thoughts, beliefs, and experiences into statements or recommendations summarizing the major points of your paper. Describe

what you have learned in the process of writing this paper. USE PAGE BREAK after the content of your paper

  • References: Include citations (APA 6th edition format) of the materials you have commented on in your paper. Make sure the References are at the end of the paper start on a new page after a PAGE BREAK. All references mentioned in the paper must be included in the Reference list.
  • Ensure your ID number is on the cover page.

A few formatting points to help you in the layout of your paper:

  • Running Head: (e.g., “SHORT TITLE OF PAPER (50 CHARACTERS OR LESS))”. You can find out how to put this title in your paper by looking in “Headers and Footers” in your word processing program. (On a Mac computer it is under “Insert” “Header”)
  • Numbering pages: Start your numbering on the title page and continue throughout your assignment. (On a Mac, it is under “Insert”).
  • Page Break: This very necessary feature is used so that you can start a “clean” page for the Introduction and Reference portions of your paper. In the Mac program it is under “Insert” at the top of the MS Word menu.

Scholarly Paper: A neoplastic disorder requiring symptom management
Correct Format Used and APA Style Requirements Followed Paper includes:
Cover page: title of paper, name of student, student ID#, professor’s name, university, course, date due/date submitted 2.5

  • Length of paper is 13 pages total,maximum in length INCLUDING the title page, table of contents, introduction, 7 (maximum) pages of text, conclusion, and reference page(s) 12.5
  • Table of Contents is included, sections/sub-sections are numbered, and corresponding pages are listed.
  • Appropriate headings and sub-headings in content of paper.
  • Twelve (12) point font, typed with 1’’ margin on all sides, double spaced, all pages numbered (except title page), running head on title page and on each subsequent page.
  • Accurate sentence and paragraph structure, use of punctuation, spelling, correct grammar usage; no slang, jargon, or clichés.
  • Appropriate use of PAGE BREAK. 10.0 Content Value Actual
  • Introduction includes a basic overview of the purpose and scope of the paper, and how it is organized
  • Conclusion demonstrates personal understanding of the topic as an issue, with examples of critical thinking/analysis included; logical arguments, no repetition of ideas, presentation of relevant facts and information. 10.0
  • Discussion provides a clear example of why the issue is important
  • The role and interventions of the nurse are clearly articulated
  • There is adequate depth of information presented 25.0
  • The paper flows coherently from topic to topic, connections are clearly expressed, and there is clarity of thought.
  • There is integration of the student’s own insights
  • There is adequate depth of information presented 25.0
  • The paper flows coherently from topic to topic, connections are clearly expressed, and there is clarity of thought.
  • There is integration of the student’s own insights 10.0

New Information / Research Value Actual • At least 8 references were used and referenced within the paper sourced from scholarly journals and reputable Internet sources: 3 current peer-reviewed sources and 5 sources from the nursing literature and organizational sources as pertinent (current = within last 5 years) • (The text may be used, but it is not to be counted as part of the 8 References) 10.0 • APA style citation of references in text of paper and in construction of the reference list. 15.0 3. Selected references are integrated into the paper and are used to support statements and observations. 5.0 Academic Honesty Value Actual All sources of information used are cited. Papers that are not original, plagiarized, or falsely cited will receive “0”. See Academic calendar re: academic honesty. Pass/Fail Time Lines Assignments must be submitted on or before the due date. Assignments that are submitted after the due date stated in the Schedule, and for which no extension has been granted by the instructor in writing, will receive a 3-point deduction perlate calendar day for 5 days.

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