Nursing Scholarly paper

Requirements for the Paper – Choose one of the following:

  1. Write a paper espousing how your theory of leadership is used to develop and support team collaboration in policy 
development and implementation. Your theory and actions should be based on documented relevant research. Use APA guidelines; limit to 8-10 pages. The key to this project involves establishing a theory of leadership that you utilize in your practice and documenting how you use this theory in the healthcare setting as a nurse leader.
  2. Select a leadership issue related to health care delivery identified in the assigned readings for the course and of interest to you. Read the research/literature on the issue that you identify and document your findings and how you would address the issue in practice. Use APA guidelines; limit to 8-10 pages. Must demonstrate synthesis of the literature selected. The key to this project involves utilizing a systematic process to document the research & current evidence on this leadership issue, including the relationship to health policy.
  3. Arrange to “shadow” a senior leader of your choice for a day. Observe the leader in action, interview him or her, and write a paper in which you discuss styles of leadership observed in the leader. Include how this leader utilizes and implements leadership practices to manage area of responsibility. Obviously, one would have to observe a leader for more than a day to achieve a comprehensive view of that leader, but the purpose of this paper is not comprehensiveness, rather it is to experience a qualitative approach to reflection on a style in action, and an opportunity to engage in a micro qualitative study. Use the reading from the course work or a literature review to support your findings. Use APA guidelines and limit paper to 8-10 pages.
  4. The paper will be graded on the following but see grading rubric for specific criteria:
  • Organization and use of current APA format
  • Grammar, style and clarity
  • Relevance to leadership and health policy
  • Comprehensiveness and accuracy of content
  • ***Thank you for your help with this paper.