Nursing Theorist Scholarly Paper: NUR 502 Assignment Evidenced-Based Practice Research Critique

Nursing Theorist Scholarly Paper:

NUR 502 Assignment Evidenced-Based Practice Research Critique


Dear Student:

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the process of critquing a scholarly nursing article. Examining an article requires an indepth look at the sample, size of sample, setting, variables, review of the literature, evidence, and other aspects so that you can formulate an opinion about the article. Can this article validate evidence to create a practice change within your clinical setting? Is the sample size large enough? Also, we cannot change practice based on one article alone but should examine multiple sources to show evidence to support a change in practice.

Please use the library to locate an article – Do not use the internet. Ask the KU librarian for help if you have difficulty accessing the library search engines. Use articles that are available in PDF or Full Text Available so that you can print it and critique it fully. If you subscribe to a professional journal you can use an article from this source. Use Key terms and include the theory and or theorist for best results.

Choose a current Evidenced-based practice nursing research article (up to 5 years old or less) from a peer reviewed nursing journal preferably related to your current area of interest or applicable to your area of practice using the KU library. Example: Adoption of the Caring Caritas in Pediatric Oncology from the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

This assignment will introduce you to the process of critically examining nursing articles for relevance for adoption within your current practice setting. Nursing articles can help to guide best nursing practices. The ability to comprehensively critically examine nursing literature will be explored in depth in your future courses within the MSN program namely NUR 680, and NUR 690. This assignment aims to introduce you to Evidence-based practice, the library, and scholarly literature review. While you are in the library searching articles pay careful attention to those topics which interest you. The articles that interest you are a clue to what you are passionate about or have interest in.

Following the Guidelines provided in the following research critique templates answer all of the questions found in only one template; the one which aligns with your chosen article.

Place a copy of your chosen article in the Article Review Center.

To begin you will conduct your search using the following key terms: evidence-based, nursing theorist, qualitative, or quantitative, research, and others. Because this course is Nursing theory remember to identify evidence based articles which include a particular nursing theorist within the article.

NUR 502 Critique Assignment for Quantitative Study(1).rtf


NUR 502 Critique Assignment for Quantitative Study.rtf

Steps for Conducting a literature search using the KU on line library.

  •   Contact the library if you require any assistance searching for articles.
  •   Select a Peer Reviewed Evidenced-based Nursing Research Article (5 years old or less)
  •   Identify a Nursing Theory or theorist that was mentioned in this article.
  •   You may choose a qualitative or quantitative focused evidence-based article


Grading Criteria:

You can locate rubrics under Start Here found in the Side Bar.


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