Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice (Evidence-based Practice Question)

Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice (Evidence-based Practice Question)

Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice(Evidence-based Practice Question)

In the contemporary medical world, many healthcare personnel confuse nursing research and evidence-based practice (EBP). However, this should not be the case given that research and evidence-based practice are two distinct components with variedfeatures.  In essence, this paper seeks to differentiate between the two and illustrate the significance of nurses learning about EBP.

Nursingresearch differs from evidence-based practice in various ways that are worth highlighting. A case in pointof such differences is research project seeks to conduct the actual studythat will establish findings about a specific phenomenon of interestwhile evidence-based practice uses findings of research already done. For instance, nursing researchwill ideally seek to investigate about an identified problem whereas evidence-based practice relies on evidence drawn from researches addressing the clinical problem of interest (Jolley, 2015).Notwithstanding, the findings obtained in nursing research are not for immediate application. On the contrary, the EBP utilizes obtained findings at the bedside and tailor themto the individual needs of a patient (Fain,, 2013).

Finally,nurses must show interest in learning EBP due to many reasons that are worth mention. One of such reasons is the connection of EBP with better patient outcomes. According to Stevens, (2013), hospitals with nurses utilizing EBP to inform their daily nursing practicehad better patient outcomes such as reduced patient falls compared to hospitals not relying on EBP. Additionally, learning EBP will also enable nurses to champion for the much-needed change in their areas of work. That said, nurses have no option but to embrace EBP if they are to provide quality care.

In closure, from this discussion, it is beyond doubt that nursing research differs greatly from EBP. Also, it is worth highlighting that nurses must learn about EBP if they are to inspire a culture of change for the better. As such, going forward, nurses must understand the differences between the two and the necessity of EBP implementation.




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