Level of evidence in nursing custom essay

Level of evidence in nursing custom essay

The level of evidence is organized from the strongest to the weakest. According to
(Leuchtceet al, 2016) the first most substantial level of evidence is the systematic reviews and
meta-analysis of all the randomized control trials that are done on more than one RCTs that are
of good quality. The effective change in the application of specific therapy in the management
of various diseases such as cancer. The second level of evidence is the evidenced obtained from
a well-designed randomized control trial (Leucht et al., 2016). It is the second strong level of
evidence where randomization is applied in the collection of data and selection of the
participants. It is used in the provision of evidence concerning the use of specific therapies and
medication in health care.
The third level of evidence is quasi-experiment, which entails all the evidence obtained
from well-designed control trials that happen without any randomization of the participants. The
quasi-experiment is used in the identification of therapies and the cause of a particular disease.
The fourth level of evidence is the well-designed case-control or cohort studies (Marx, Wilson &
Swiontkowski, 2015). The fourth level is used in the diagnosis of a disease and in identifying the
aetiology of a particular condition among a defined group of individuals. Besides, the fourth
level is used to identify and to assess the prognosis of a specific disease before and after
treatment and identify means of disease prevention.
The evidence of the systematic reviews of qualitative and descriptive studies is the fifth
level of evidence. It entails the considerations from more than one well designed and organized
descriptive or qualitative studies that are used to obtain the meaning of particular variables and
their effects. The sixth level of evidence is the single descriptive or single qualitative study

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which is further used in the identification and description of the meaning of particular variables.
The seventh and the last level of evidence entail the pieces of evidence that are acquired from
different opinions of authorities and the reports that are provided by the experts or panellist of
committees (Marx, Wilson & Swiontkowski, 2015). The evidence obtained in the seventh level
is used in quality improvement and in making decisions concerning the costs of particular
services and medications.

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