Spiritual Issues in healthcare delivery

Spiritual Issues in healthcare delivery

After a natural disaster, for example, the Haiti earthquake 2010 or a manmade disaster like global warming leads to the emergence of individual, community and health care provider spiritual concerns. These spiritual issues include anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and irritability. Apart from tackling medical conditions, nurses should also be prepared to tackle nonmedical conditions such as the above spiritual issues. The research has shown that nurses are the most prepared health professionals to manage disasters in the community because they provide emergency treatment and triage which help people to cope (Lundy and Jane’s, 2011).

A community health nurse can assist in the spiritual care of the individual, community, self, and colleagues by inviting religious leaders to assist in prayer and setting aside time for spiritual counseling. The common coping mechanism in any disaster is prayer. Community health nurse should understand that prayer can help to boost the victim’s morale effectively. Building trust during the disaster is also important. For example, during prayer, a community health nurse can encourage holding of victim’s hand.

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