Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model

Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model

In the contemporary medical world, the health care facilities are reliant on several innovative health care delivery models that are vital in the provision of patient care. Of the many innovative health care delivery models that are existent, the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) health care delivery model best incorporates the interdisciplinary care delivery team. It has had an impact on the patient outcomes in several ways that are worth noting.  In essence, this discussion aims at looking into this health care delivery model and its effect on the patients’ outcomes. With such information, an understanding of the health care delivery models is inevitable.

Firstly, a brief description of this type of health care delivery model is of the essence for its full comprehension. The ACO is a collaboration among various providers of health care services, namely, primary care clinicians, specialists, a medical facility and any other medical professional that has aspirations to join. The motivation for these entities is a financial incentive by the Medicare upon attainment of a certain standard of quality(Haney, 2010).

In light of what ACO entails, it is important to establish its effect on the patient outcomes. The existence of ACOs has led to improved patient outcomes given that these entities strive to reach the specified level of quality by the Medicare. For instance, through this care delivery model, hospital readmissions and mortality rates have significantly reduced as well as the patient’s experiences have improved (Tu, Muhlestein, Kocot, & White, 2015). Evidently, from such indicators, it is clear that ACO care delivery model has had a massive impact on patient outcomes.

In closure, indeed ACO healthcare delivery model has been a success story. That is the case given its effect on the patient outcomes. For instance, it has resulted in reduced hospital readmission and mortality rates. With such indicators of patient outcomes, it is beyond doubt that ACO is one of the best health care delivery models. As such, health care facilities need to consider this type of delivery if they are to obtain such patient outcomes.


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