Milestone two Reflection and Review

Milestone two Reflection and Review
To develop a deeper understanding of a theory, the nurse should reflect on the application of theories by evaluating how the strengths and weaknesses of the specific theories support the roles of nurses in their practice settings. In this milestone assignment, you will complete Review and Reflect: Part One of your final project.

This milestone paper must include the following critical elements:
• Analyze the theories that you see being used by the nurses and nursing departments in their general practice within your practice setting. Be sure to provide specific examples as evidence to support your response. (Section IIA of the final project)
• Select one theory from the theories you identified as being used in your practice setting, and analyze the theory for its strengths and weaknesses in supporting the different roles that nurses have in today\’s dynamic healthcare environment. For example, are there certain components that work better with certain problems in healthcare? (Section IIB of the final project)
• How applicable or effective do you feel the theories that are in use within your practice setting are in terms of promoting masters-level nursing practice? In other words, how does the use of these theories lend itself to fostering professional growth and development? (Section IID of the final project)
• To what extent do you feel use of the identified theories influences, promotes, or hinders quality in healthcare within your practice setting? Be sure to substantiate your claims. (Section IIE of the final project)