8-1 Final Project Milestone Four: Recommendations

8-1 Final Project Milestone Four: Recommendations
The use of a theoretical model supports the nurse\’s ability to not only plan and implement in a purposeful way, but to be proactive. Proactive nurses have improved control over patient outcomes and are able to communicate with others easily. To facilitate and guide nursing practice, healthcare agencies can choose a nursing theory with which to guide the organization\’s nursing practice.

For this to be successful, it is vitally important that the theory chosen match the philosophical underpinnings of the organization, and it is important for there to be buy-in from the staff. Nurses need to continually search, read, and appraise the literature and also synthesize any relevant theoretical information that may be applicable to practice. As nurses, we must also recognize that theory and research are not separate from practice, but guide practice. The use of theory guides nurses in their decision-making and allows them to make informed decisions.

In a short paper, describe the theories you previously identified in Milestone Three as currently being used in your practice setting to address your identified practice problem. Then, describe the other theories that might be more appropriate to address the problem or be more effective to promote professional growth and development of advanced nursing concepts in practice settings. Are there any recommendations to stay with the original theory? As you develop a fuller understanding of theory in nursing, what value do you see in applying theory to a nursing problem?

In your short paper, specifically answer the following:

What alternate theories would you propose to more effectively promote professional growth and the development of master\’s-level nursing practice concepts?
What recommendations would you make about continuing to address the problem with the same theories? Why?
What alternate theories do you feel might be more relevant or appropriate for addressing the problem? Be sure to explain your rationale.
In conclusion, what value do you see in terms of applying theory in nursing practice? What is the importance for other practitioners to understand about the theoretical underpinnings of nursing practice in today\’s healthcare environment? How can nursing theory support nursing practice through the twenty-first century? Be sure to justify your response.
I will attach the previous three papers in the series needed to complete the assignment. Also, the guidelines for the paper