Interdisciplinary Team Approach

Interdisciplinary Team Approach.
Teamwork is an essential aspect in providing holistic care to the patients in the hospital. An approach that incorporates various members from different disciplines has proven effective in improving outcomes for patients. Nancarrow et al., (2013) defines an interdisciplinary group as a team of healthcare professionals from diverse disciplines working in a coordinated manner towards a common goal of improving treatment outcomes in patients.

The team works by setting goals, making decisions and sharing resources during care provision.

The concept of the interdisciplinary team approach is well understood by looking at the members and their roles in the team. All healthcare centers have specialists taking care of the patients in critical conditions. The incorporation of the nurse, doctor, pharmacist, nutritionist, occupational therapist and the physical therapist forms part of the interdisciplinary team ((Nancarrow et al. 2013). The team prepares a care plan that indicates the interventions to be made to improve the patient’s condition. There are many reasons why an interdisciplinary team approach is needed in healthcare provision. There is a growing need for knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care to the patients which can only be achieved through teamwork. The increasing specialization in different fields of healthcare also explains the need for an interdisciplinary approach.

Research indicates that the benefits of interdisciplinary approach outweigh individual patient care approach. For instance, the best possible outcomes for the geriatric patients are achieved through a collaborative approach. The interdisciplinary team helps prevent false thinking through weighing of the benefits and the risks of health care procedures. It is evident that an interdisciplinary team comprises specialists from various fields of medicine coming together to provide care to the patients.


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