What are the assumptions that color/shape your approach to care?

What are the assumptions that color/shape your approach to care?
Assumptions in patient care
According to (Hountras, 2015), patient care should be done regardless of the patient’s race, gender, color, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. It is crucial that at times, the care of the patients is affected by such factors and the cultural differences that we have with the patient. Besides, biases and stereotypes concerning the patient’s health status at times influence the care that the patient receives thus influencing the quality and safety of care that we offer as health care providers.

Also, the assumptions that we make concerning patient care further affect their care and their perception of the care that the patient is receiving.
Three years ago, I nursed an elderly lady who was a widow and was suffering from end-stage renal failure. All along, her friends and her son were supporting her.  The friends formed part of her family, and among the friends, she had a neighbor who was so concerned about her health.
The man could visit this patient daily, and they could spend quality time together. In the process, the elderly lady confessed to the nurses that she has been in an intimate relationship with the neighborhood man for the past thirty years.
In the process, the man was so bitter that he was not going to participate in the burial arrangement of his loved one because they never wanted their family members to be aware of their relationship.
As the nursing team, it was difficult for us to help them out because they wanted their relationship to remain as a secret. Because of the secrecy that they needed, it was a challenge to balance the need for the man to stay close with his loved one and the need to keep their secret (Lor, Crooks & Tluczek, 2016). In this case, we assumed the need for care for the patient and the need to keep their relationship secrecy.


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