Healthy Community

Healthy Community

Health is individual state of completeness in various aspect of life that is social, physical and mentally. Healthy community is a way of understanding and getting to improve the wellbeing of individuals all around the world. It gives people ability to make choices. It is a study that concerns itself with improving and adjusting the characteristic of health (Guston, 2016). An ideally healthy community is that environment that everyone receives the opportunity to be safe and secure, good education, opportunities of being socially active, ability to be stimulated intellectually, the ability and freedom of being active. This should happen to everyone without any limitation. This means that this opportunity is well accessible so available and inclusive to all beings. The community creates and constantly improve both physical and social environment so that all people can support one another and maximize the potential of each.

They are various thing community health have in common. For example, they have low rates of smoking. The figures have been dropping significantly. The community in health community exercises more. People who love to just get out and doing body exercise. The gym members are increasing and if not people are bicycling or walking. Also, the community obesity rates are low. Since people are good at exercising the community has low rates of obesity. Moreover, the level of produce consumptions are high, they have few people with diabetes and blood pressure. They also have low cases of depression especially due to the physical health that come with exercise.

In conclusion, health communities exist to only a few people. The opportunity to socialize, to play to learn and access health food can be made available to all individuals when the society becomes selfless in sharing and helping one another. This will ensure that the potential of every individual is reached.


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