Healthcare IT Infrastructure

Healthcare IT Infrastructure



Investigations on the new Router system done and assumptions were made.




The organization decided to install a new wifi system into the facility.


The hardware was acquired from the supplier and details of the system developed


Post –implementation review was done by the technical team.

System performance is under monitoring.



Installation and testing of the system was done.

Healthcare workers were informed and showed how to use it.













The systems development cycle is a design used by organizations to bring into existing new systems and infrastructures. The systems used in today’s world involve a lot of technology, and therefore precaution is needed when installing new infrastructure into an organization (Buede and Miller, 2016). Information technology infrastructure is a term which refers to the basic software, hardware, facilities and networks installed in an organization to provide information services. Examples of the technologies used in hospitals today include computer hardware, backup generator services, web servers and wifi router systems (Buntin et al., 2014). During the installation of the wifi routers in the hospital, planning and prediction of the workability of the systems were done before the acquisition of the hardware. Various assumptions were considered during the acquisition process as discussed.

The first assumption during acquisition was that the routers were correctly installed and the system would work immediately. Technology is tricky sometimes, and lack of proper installation of the devices would lead to extra costs in the organization. Secondly, the maintenance cost of the system was low. The organization assumed that all users would be responsible for minimizing damage to the system. There was an assumption that the new wifi system could work effectively as the other reference organization. It was assumed that installation of the routers into the organization could work perfectly.

Several organizations use the wifi routers to provide internet connections to the staff and students. Stanford University is an organization that uses the same Router system like the one installed in the healthcare facility. The facility is relevant because we used the same supplier of the IT system. During acquisition, the organization was not sure of the workability of the project, but it turned to be perfect. The industry provides a proof that internet services in the hospital will improve the quality of service and enhance communication in the healthcare sector.


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