Healthcare Informatics and Emerging Technology PowerPoint Presentation

Healthcare Informatics and Emerging Technology PowerPoint Presentation
For this Assignment, you are to put yourself into the position of a nursing specialist working with your chosen POI (my POI is CHF, focusing on women) in a leadership position such as supervisor, preceptor, or director. You are asked to develop a presentation used for orientation purposes for new registered nurses working in your healthcare system directly with your chosen POI. This presentation should be specific to the role of healthcare informatics and emerging technology in relationship to your POI. The Assignment submission will be in the form of a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with accompanying speaker’s notes.

Healthcare Informatics and Emerging Technology PowerPoint Presentation
Successful completion of the Assignment will include the following:
Introduction to the Presentation: 1 slide
Learning Outcomes (list at least three): 1 slide
Brief Overview of the History of Health Informatics in U.S. Healthcare System: 2 slides
Review of Laws, Policies, and Regulations of Health Informatics (Discuss at least three of the following: 21st Century Cures Act, Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act [HITECH Act], Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act [FDASIA], Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA], and the Affordable Care Act [ACA]): 3 slides
Current Emerging Technology in Healthcare: Definition and Relationship to your POI (i.e.,: telehealth, telemedicine, electronic health records [EHRs]): 2 slides
Innovative Ideas (2–3 slides): Creation of an application — propose a new application (“app”) that could be used with your POI. Start by looking at current health applications and consider what is missing and what would be helpful to your patient population of interest. Then create a proposal for your own. Be creative with this Assignment. Think outside the box and dream big. Use the textbook readings and your search for current healthcare apps to help guide you in this process.
Include the following:
Explanation of proposed app
Justification for need of this type of app
Proposed uses for the app
Accessibility of this app: How would your POI get access and be able to use this?
Conclusion/summary slide
References: Five scholarly resources are required
The finished product should be at least 10 slides, excluding title slide and reference slide. References should be placed on the PowerPoint slides in APA 6th edition formatting. Speaker’s notes should be complete and thorough. The notes should be written in the form of a script for the presentation, so the reader is able to completely understand content on the PowerPoint slides