The Infrastructure of an Organization: A Systems Theory View

The Infrastructure of an Organization: A Systems Theory View


The system in the organization refers to as groups of interacting elements and units with a particular function. In most organization, including healthcare organization, there are two types of system in which the information is disseminated, the closed and open system. In the closed system, the information flows within the organization without the influence from outside the environment. In open system, there is an external influence from the environment (Goyder et al., 2015). The goals of the healthcare organization are to provide effective, efficient medical and healthcare services to the patients and an affordable cost (Al-Jumeily et al., 2015). To achieve this, interdisciplinary communication is very essentials. Proper effective and efficient communication between professionals from different departments ensures the provision of quality healthcare services.

Description of a problem from a closed- system

Internal communication is essential to ensure that resources are provided efficiently. In closes-system, the growth of the organization is established through effective communication among healthcare professional (Goyder et al., 2015). This growth and development can be altered by ineffective communication between professionals from different disciplines (Chou et al., 2014).  Poor multidisciplinary communication can cause ineffective interaction among healthcare professional thereby affecting services delivery.

Addressing problems from open perspective

In open system, ideas from outside environment are integrated into healthcare organization to facilitate operation. In this case, identification of effective methods from other healthcare organization that has been effective in promoting multidisciplinary communication is essential importantly, the approach and process that have been effective elsewhere can be cooperated to the current systems to promote growth (Al-Jumeily et al., 2015).

How modification assist is improvement of healthcare outcomes

The modification is essential because positive ideas and processes from outside aimed are in cooperated to the healthcare organization to address the problem. This way, healthcare professionals from different discipline can communicate effectively thereby promoting healthcare services delivery.


Multidisciplinary communication is essential in promoting growth within an organization. It involves effective and efficient passing of message among the professionals from different departments. Effective communication will enhance efficient and effective healthcare services delivery.










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