Healthcare Funding and Project Management

Healthcare Funding and Project Management

The funding within the healthcare setting requires robust planning to ensure that all the resources allocated for the sector are properly utilized and managed. This element can only be achieved via accountability and responsibility concerning the use of various resources by all the players in the healthcare sector (Shirley, 2016). This article dwells majors on various issues related to healthcare funding as well as management of various resources that are attached to healthcare delivery.

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The relationship between planning & management of resources & the performance of the individual, the team 7 the organization

For various healthcare organizations, performance management is conducted to improve the performance of each staff member (Mir, & Pinnington, 2014)..

Accountability & responsibility concerning the appropriate use of resources

Accountability revolves taking ownership of the outcome of management of various resources that are assigned to an individual. With accountability, the individual takes a personal move to move above the situations at hand and show ownership of the results that come about from the resources management that was assigned to him or her as illustrated by Gopee & Galloway, (2017)..

Financial risk and budgetary restrictions in the current fiscal & political climate

According to the World Health Organization, no country guarantees its citizens immediate access to various services that maintain or improve health since this is dependent on the financial capability as well as other environmental factors. …

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Factors that can influence the decision-making process when managing healthcare funding

Managing healthcare funding requires multiple considerations to ensure priorities are set appropriately as this will lead to improved healthcare delivery. ..


Healthcare funding is a sensitive area that ought to be given significant consideration since it influences the entire healthcare delivery process. With the existing limited resources, all the players in the healthcare ought to be responsible and


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