Collaborative Healthcare

Collaborative Healthcare


Collaborative healthcare delivery model is a form of healthcare delivery in which a group of healthcare practitioners come together and work as a team to ensure the achievement of patient’s outcomes. It employs professionals from various fields including, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, occupational therapists,and psychologists. Information regarding the disease progression of the patient is shared among the members of the team (Oandasan, 2016). After that, ideas on the effective plan of care are given by each member of the team. This kind of health care delivery model is patient-centeredmembers of the team has one main goal of alleviating the symptoms of the disease.

Advantages of the Model

The major advantage of this model is the fact that various professionals from different fields come together and share ideas on aplan of care. It promotes an aspect of holistic care since all the professional will givehealthcare in their various disciplines. Also, there is merging of expertise from various fields hence the outcomes of the treatment are easily achieved (Chang, 2011). A good illustration is a postoperative patient who cannot effectively ambulate and exhibits some level of pain. Also, the patient may not be able to take solid foods. In such a case, a nurse may be needed to assist the patient in achieving self-care needs; the nutritionist may prescribe a suitable diet for the patient whereas the doctor may prescribe various medications to relieve pain. It is therefore important to note that to ensure the achievement of patient goals, this health care delivery model is quite efficient. Also, it improves the interdisciplinary professional relationship among the various members of the team(Kucukarslan,2014).


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