ANP and Nursing Theories

ANP and Nursing Theories

In the contemporary nursing world, various theories are existent and form part of the syllabus content of nurses. However, theory integration into practice is one area that has yet to receive much attention. Though no one theory can be applicable in all contexts, this should not be an excuse for not seeking to bridge the gap between theory and practice. In essence, this discussion aims at illustrating how nurses can integrate the theories into their daily practice to improve health care outcomes. Moreover, it will establish whether it is possible to implement more than one theory simultaneously with ease.

Primarily, the first step for integrating theory into practice by a nurse is the consideration of the personal values and beliefs about the situation, nursing, health, and patient. Such consideration helps the individual to come to terms and reconcile personal values with the situation. The next step entails assessing the underlying assumptions and beliefs of the various nursing theories. Click here so see Jean Watson’s nursing theory. Afterward one identifies all the various nursing models or theories that stand for the personal values and beliefs. Finally, one uses the determined congruent nursing models where applicable depending on the situation (Smith, & Parker, 2015). Clearly, through following these steps from the first to the last, one has the surety of integrating the theory into nursing practice.

Lastly, concerning the possibility of implementing many nursing theories, it is very practical and not as confusing as feared. That is the case given that application of the different theories varies from one context to another within nursing. As such, upon establishing the situation, one can then determine the most suitable theory to integrate into the nursing practice without difficulties. Evidently, there is no confusion since a person with the knowledge of the congruent theories can match them to the current circumstance to determine the most suitable.

In closure, this discussion aimed at establishing the steps of integrating the various nursing theories in practice. Indeed, it is clear that this is so possible to bridge of theory-practice gap in nursing. As such, going into the future, consideration of the implementation of theory in nursing practice is of the essence if the quality of care is to improve.


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