Applied Learning: Biological Theories of Behavior and Learning Theories

Applied Learning: Biological Theories of Behavior and Learning Theories

Psychology offers one the opportunity of getting to know self better. That is the case as evidenced in this week reading in which the focus was mainly biological theories of behavior and learning theories. In essence, this discussion aims to establish the key highlights from this week’s study.

To begin with, the three concepts that I found intriguing are those that relates to theories of learning. They include classical conditioning, operant, and observational learning. Classical conditioning refers to a type of learning in which individuals evoke a particular response after a series of repeated exposure to a certain stimulus. On the other hand, operant condition dictates that one learns by reinforcement, which can be in the form of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement or punishment. Lastly, in observational learning, observed behavior change is dependent on the environment within which an individual is present (Weiten, 2017).

The idea that I find most significant in my life is the one of operant conditioning. Such is the case given that since my childhood I have always worked hard so that I can secure positive feedback. For instance, my awareness that scoring good grades in my examinations will earn me reward or recognition has driven me to keep working hard everywhere I go. Such behavior is what Weiten, (2017) describes as learning by positive reinforcement.

Finally, the concept that I chose to utilize in the current or future workplace is classical conditioning. I intend to use it in the future to help people get past their social phobia. In this model, frequent exposure of a person to the stimuli that results in his/her fear will help him/her develop confidence after a series of repeated exposure. Such an action epitomizes the systemic desensitization intervention used to help people to get rid of their fears (Weiten, 2017).


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