Use Evidence to Improve Practice

Use Evidence to Improve Practice
Research projects require in-depth exploration of the literature. Now that you’ve had practice critiquing the aspects of study reports, you will find information to support your idea for a change in practice.
Find 3 articles to support the PICO question you developed in Week 1.
Answer the following questions:
o How would you use the literature you gathered to frame your idea for a change in practice?
o Consider the specific population: Is it like or different from other studies done?
o Does it apply to your population and practice setting?
o Can you test a similar intervention?
o Do the data points in the studies you found match the information you’re looking for?
o What different or additional data do you need to collect to test your research question?
o What resources did the researchers need to carry out their work?
o What resources would you need to test or implement your idea in practice? Consider:
o Labor hours
o Special equipment
o Staffing model