Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

In nursing, spiritual care can be said to comprise of religious support that is offered to patients to help them recover from illnesses. For spiritual care to be effective, it ought to match with the religious beliefs of the patient in all virtues of life. This explanation is in line with the readings given that indicate spiritual care to be multidimensional in the manner it impacts on human beings. Spiritual health and religious are interchangeable where their impact on human health is of medical importance (Ebrahimi, Areshtanab, Khanmiri & Jafarabadi, 2017). The personal feeling created a person’s religion impacts positively in a one’s life where the future is expected to be better. This very important in nursing procedures where the faith of a patient is needed to boost the rate of recovery. Cure with no faith can be delayed and not successful in some cases.

Nursing care requires that religious requirements be discussed with patients or their relatives and assumptions are not allowed in this case. This requirement indicates the role of spiritual care in health promotion and wellness of human beings. Christians use prayers to ask for divine healing in times of illnesses, and this is acceptable in nursing care (Fowler, 2017). Health care providers are professionals chosen by God, and thus their roles are spiritually connected. God guides them in all their activities hence health initiatives are spiritually devised (Shrubsole, 2010). Faith is all that is required to understand the miraculous works of God, and this is the basis of spiritual care which is incorporated in nursing. Upon treatment, Christians believe that the best interventions have been offered and that God will see to it that they get healed.






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