Organizational Problems

Organizational Problems

In order to logically respond to such situation, there is the need to determine the facts in the present scenario. Some of the facts include the staffs having heated argument in the work place and non compliance to the work duties. There are cases of absenteeism. Such cases are not unusual in the workplace. The clinical schedule is too busy too with no available support staff. According to me, the primary problem stem from lack of motivation in the work place. According to Miner (2015), When staffs members in the workplace are not motivated, there areoften complaints from the clients that the organizational employees are not communicating with their clients with the right etiquette. Additionally,complaints such as lateness and absenteeism are often many in the organization.The second logical conclusion is that the employees are overwhelmed in their workplace. There are chances that they end up being physically and psychologically tired. Problems such as lack of verbal etiquette usually result from tiredness where the employees do not act rationally. When the employees get overwhelmed by the work, they often become frustrated and hence may not report to work.

The other problem that one may think is affecting the organization is poor financial compensation in the work place.  Miner (2015) also point out that when employees well compensated, they often inspired and work hard for the good of the organization. In the present case, the employee does not see the essence of reporting to work. Significant numbers of employee absenteeism result from poor financial compensation to the employees on the part of the hospital management. In order to solve the problems affecting the organization, the management needs to ensure that the employees are motivated by providing better working conditions, fair compensation and adequate number of staff that correlate with the work load.


Miner, J. B. (2015). Organizational behavior 1: Essential theories of motivation and leadership. Routledge

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