Organizational behavior and business influences on APN

Organizational behavior and business influences on APN

According to Buppert (2011), a specific formula is employed to approximate a practicing nurse salary. Nurses should calculate their salary about the billing of their patients. The 10% of the uncollected fees is also calculated and deducted. The practice expenses of 25% are also subtracted. Additionally, consultation fees of the physicians are subtracted, and it is approximate 10-20% from the net earnings(Buppert, 2011). Finally, the profit of the employer is deducted. If the nurses are willing to increase the patients they see 24 per day; it means their practice is worth. Additionally, nurses can gain more experience. The introduction of the integrative modalities, as well as experience in management of business and healthcare administration, are some of the factors that nurses can employ to increase their feasible. The ability of the nurses to see more patients per day and provide efficient and effective healthcare services increase their chance of more salary. If the salary of such nurses is increased by 8%, it means they can obtain more approximate $100,000 if they are seeing 20 patients per day(Buppert, 2011). If the Nurses decides to see more patients, their salary also increases.

The salary for the practicing nurse is directly proportional to the number of patients they see per day(Blazek, 2014). Additionally, nurses with experience in healthcare administration of those who provides their services effectively earn more. Practicing nurses should offer quality services that improve the health outcome of the patients. Such patients can return if the require more health services and they can also offer to advise to friends(eCareers, 2017). Buppert criteria focus on the number of patients seeing per day by nurses. The quality of services provided to the patients is high.



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