Yoga for your health problems

Yoga for your health problems


According to Lindquist, Snyder, & Mariah, (2009, p 139), yoga is simply an ancient art that originated from India. It means integration of the universe, mind and the body. Yoga, as explained by Lindquist and colleagues, it is possible to rein our tendency to seek happiness through the phenomena that are external. It aids in the understanding of happiness and wisdom. Yoga is composed of eight interconnected limbs. The practicing of the limbs results in higher stages of spiritual and ethical healing (Lindquist, Snyder, & Mariah, (2009, p 140). The eight limbs are ethical behaviors, personal behaviors, posture, breath regulation, sensory inhibition, concentration, meditation, and integration.

I was able to try one of yoga technique, “withdrawal of senses, concentration meditation” as explained by Lindquist, Snyder, & Mariah, (2009, p143). The technique involved the following process. Lying in corpse pose or sitting comfortably with a straight back on a meditation cushion or a chair. The closing of the eyes is followed by relaxing, looking inward and breathing circularly. The next is to focus on one breath, as one inhale through the nose followed by the counting of two and so on.  One should count from one to 10 and so on. Upon deep relaxation and focused, one should open the mind letting go of whatever arises without attachment, judgment or direction (Lindquist, Snyder, & Mariah, 2009, p 143).

The outcome

I tried the technique four days in a week. The amazing aspect is that I was to relax deeply and to let go of various issues that were on my mind.  Importantly, I was able to clear the mind, especially after a long day at school, ready to understand and integrate new information. I would recommend this kind of technique especially when one is stressed or depressed.


Lindquist, R., Snyder, & Mariah. (2009). Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing: Sixth Edition (6th ed.). New York: Springer Publishing Company LLC.


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