Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

As vital members of any health care set up, nurses are bound to have a say in ally controversial matter. The issue of legalization of medical marijuana is no exception. This discussion will, therefore, describe the impact that the nurses have had in the past, present, and future regarding the issue of legalization of medical marijuana (Isaacs & Kilham, 2015). The discussion will also touch on how professional and advanced practice nurses have impacted the matter.

To begin with, the primary role of the nurse in this issue has been in health education. The nurse is the number one mouthpiece of the health care system. Taking advantage of their position nurses has given health talks to patients telling them that the marijuana indeed has medical benefits. This s a role that insignificant as it may seem contributed to the change of attitude of people in the states that have recently voted to allow legalization of the drug for medicinal purposes (Kilham, 2017). The people whose mindset has been modified are the families, friends, and patients who have received sensitization from nurses.

Another vital contribution of nurses has come in the shape of research. Quite some nurses in advanced practice have conducted significant eye-opening research on the matter. Results and recommendations are used to inform decisions taken by legislators on the issue. Most of these researchers are advanced nurse practitioners that have handled patients with cancer, epilepsy, and conditions that need medical marijuana. Finally, nurses have formed associations notably Green Health Consultants started by Eloise Theisen (“Medical Cannabis Education for Caregivers, Nurses, Hospice | Society of Cannabis Clinicians”, 2017). Eloise is a holder of an MSN, and through the association, she ensures patients get qualified counseling that they require to safely and more efficiently to use cannabinoids.


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