Learning Need Assessment Paper

Learning Need Assessment

A learning needs assessment is a survey that is used by nursing educators to help identify problems and gaps within the learning and determine the best ways of managing them (Vachon 2017)They form the basis for education development through which instructors help out the students with various learning shortcomings.

The types of questions used in the assessment were the multiple choice survey questions that enabled the respondents to choose from a variety of already highlighted multiple choices (Kurtz et al.,2017). Some of the questions required only a single response whereas there were areas that the students were required to provide more than a single answer (Wiliam & Thompson 2017).

The questions were typed and printed for the respondents to mark the right options. Thus it was a hard copy that enabled them fill physically. The reason for this type of questionnaire was to enable prevention of errors and biasness in data collection.

The survey is meant for the students who have displayed challenges with learning and have experienced problems all along. There are 20students that were identified from the group that I noted to perform poorly in the assessment tests (Gardener et al.,2017). I conducted the survey to test the risk of learning problems and thus determine how to best help them.

The method of data analysis used was the content analysis. This was due to the information being collected physically through interviewing and questioning (Winslow et al.,2016). It will be conducted physically and the data stored through media for safety and easy access.

The data obtained will be used to help other tutors in handling the special students. Additionally, it will be stored for future references in the cases where the performance of the students was analysed (Wanner & Palmer 2015). With the information obtained a plan of action can be identified to help out the students with proper studying.


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