Facilitation of Context-Based Student-Centered Learning

Facilitation of Context-Based Student-Centered Learning – C919
What does “cultivate” the development of the course mean (B2)?
A: How will your modules assist you in building or developing the course? How do these weekly modules contribute to our overall course? Each of your course module topics should contribute to the entire course and build upon (scaffold) the knowledge the students will learn as they go through each of the modules or components of the course.

How do I align my weekly key concepts to the course overview (B4)?
A: The key components should be related to the topics or main components of emphasis that
pertain to the overall course. Your course overview and the key concepts should closely align
with one another and focus on the main areas that will be covered.
course overview needs to include the title of the course and a brief discussion of what is covered
in the course (the weekly module topics).

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