How To Write An Interview Essay: Best Guide

How To Write An Interview Essay: Best Guide

Most people know what an interview is and how to write a normal essay. But does that mean it is easy to write an essay about an interview? If you want to write a perfect interview essay, you need to put in your best effort and do as much study as you need to.

But do not worry, you are here for that, right? This blog will tell you everything you need to know about interview essays. By the end of this paper, you will know how to write an interview essay like a pro.

What is interview essay writing?

An interview essay is a unique type of academic essay that focuses on the different points of view on a certain topic or idea. To write a good interview essay, you need to talk to one or two people and do enough research and reading. The main difference between a regular essay and an interview essay is where you find references and scholarly pieces.

A typical essay is based on scholarly books and papers. For a college interview essay, you can only talk to experts and people in charge in a certain area. In that file, you will use information from an expert as your guide. Most of the time, an interview essay goes between the beginning and end of a piece of academic writing.

The length of an interview essay varies on the topic, but it should be between 2000 and 2500 words at most. But first, let us look at how to write an interview essay in general.

How to write an interview essay in general

All academic essays require you to back up your arguments with statistics, research papers, and other studies that are important. But writing an essay based on a conversation is not the same. To learn how to write an interview essay, you will build an argument around the opinion of an expert.

For example, if you want to write an interview essay about whether or not people should be required to wear masks, you should talk to a healthcare expert. You can talk to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) executive head. You can talk to the head by phone, email, or any other way. Then, when it is time, you will write down everything you have learned.

But how to write an essay about an interview is more than that. It includes different steps, such as how to write an outline for an interview essay, research, writing, and planning.

Talk to experts in the field

No important person will change their plans for the week just because you need to do your homework. You are just a number among millions of other students, and the senior head of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is not likely to promise you an interview.

If you can reach him, that is great, but if you can’t, you need to try something else. Try to find someone with less time on their hands, like a professor or researcher at your college or another college.

Your teacher will always tell you to hire professionals. In real life, that might not work unless you are a well-known journalist or have a link to a well-known media outlet. So, if you can talk to high-level government officials, why not talk to experts in your school?

How to get ready for an interview and write an essay

To learn how to write an interview essay, you need to choose the right topic, explain why you are writing it, find a reliable interview, and do a lot more. Let us talk about how to write an interview essay step by step, with no steps skipped.

1. Know why you are writing the article.

The main point of your essay will tell you what it should be about, who should read it, and what it should be about. If you are writing an essay about an opinion, you should find an expert to talk to who can give you deep, useful information about the most important things in your essay. Interview essays in technical areas like science, health, and medicine require a full understanding of the subject.

But if you want to write about a popular topic, it is very important to get different points of view from different people. Another important thing to think about is whether or not the person or thing you are interviewing is interesting enough to be educational or helpful. If you want to teach your readers something, it is important to choose a topic that is right for them. For example, if you have a head from the Center for Disease Control, you can ask them about how important it is to wear a face mask and dedicate your audience to them.

2. Learn more about the subject

To know how to write an interview essay, you need to know the subject well enough to write high-quality material. So, you need to do study on the topic, understand the issue and the most important thing you are supposed to say, and find any missing pieces of information that you will want to fill in to educate your audience.

Your college interview essay needs to be interesting and catchy if you want the reader to keep going until the end. You can learn more about the topic by reading books, interviews, and other articles about it. You will learn about a lot of interesting things about the problem.

Reading the high-quality material about the topic can help you learn more about the title. Look into the past and background of your topic to better understand it and write a great interview essay about it.

Here are some quick tips to help you with your study.


Look for old interviews on the same theme or even interviews that are similar. You can use questions and ideas from past conversations to help you come up with new ones. Use these questions as a road map and add more questions you feel were left out, and remove other questions you think irrelevant. Change the previous questions as much as possible to fit your needs.

Read, read, and read some more.

Read a lot of books, articles, research papers, and other works online and in print that are about your topic. This process will help you learn more about the subject and get better at asking smart, interesting interview questions.

3. Prepare the questions for the exam.

What makes a good conversation fun and interesting? An important part of your interview essay is to ask good questions that make sense. When you do a lot of study, it is easier to come up with interesting questions.

You can ask different kinds of questions, like open-ended or direct ones, to get more information and explanations from the person you are interviewing. Use open-ended questions when you want to learn more about complicated problems because they let the interviewee give more details in a way that is easy for people who are not experts to understand. Use yes/no questions if you want to get detailed answers.

As a general rule, you should come up with more questions than you plan to ask. You also pick the best questions to ask during the interview and leave some out. Or, you could change the order of your questions to fit what you think is best at the time. A pro tip is to put your questions in order of how important they are. Put the most important item first.

4. Reach out to the person you are interviewing and get ready for the meeting.

Once you have your interview questions ready, the next step in how to write an interview essay is to call your interviewee and get them ready for the interview. As we said before, you should always choose experts in the field. When you call them, tell them who you are and what you do, and tell them why you want to interview them.

Always have more than one interview choice, since you can not be sure you will get your first pick. Have you thought about recording the conversation and the answers? You should tell the person you want to meet ahead of time and get written permission. If you also want to take pictures in other ways, you should get permission and agree on the day, date, time, and place.

5. It is time for the meeting

A quiet place, like a park, an office, or a library, is best for an interview. Always keep time. And if you can not make it to the interview in person, you can use other ways like the phone, a video call, or Zoom.

Take notes during the interview because it will help you remember the most important things. Also, listening to the conversation again can help you remember the most important parts. Taking notes is important because you do not want to misunderstand what the interviewee said.

To interview well, you need to have great questioning skills. You should ask clear, direct questions that will not leave the person confused. You will also need to be able to listen.

Listen, and do not cut them off in the middle of their answer to your question. Even if you need more information about something they have already said, do not stop them. Let them feel comfortable and only ask them one question at a time. Right after the conversation, write down what you thought and what you learned.

This will help you when you write the article about the interview. After the conversation, you should thank the person you talked to for their time.

6. Format the essay on the talk

The next thing you need to do to learn how to write an interview essay is to arrange your interview essay. The framework of your paper will depend on the type of interview essay you are writing. There are many different kinds of interview writings, such as.


Question and answer is a conversation. Use this interview style to talk to one or more people who know each other.

Interview in person

A personal interview can also be in the form of questions and answers, but with straight quotes. You must write in a relaxed way and use either the first or second person.

Interview writing with a story

A narrative interview essay needs a framework that tells a story. It requires you to write from a certain point of view, which could be your own or that of the responders.

7. Make a plan for your interview essay and write it.

Before you can write an interview paper, you need to know how to write an opening, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your first paragraph should include interesting facts that will make the reader want to keep reading.

The first line can be a simple definition that shows how important the topic is. The second line sets the scene by making it clear how the subject relates to the reader. In the third part, there is a thesis statement that says why the essay is worth reading. Last, say what you will talk about during the conversation.

The body paragraphs explain more about the interview’s main points. Give data, interesting details, and insights that show the interviewee is an expert in the field. Your interview paper’s body should connect to the ideas in your thesis statement.

You can talk about as many different things as you want, but it is important to stay on topic and make sure the information is useful to the audience. Respect the interviewee’s point of view and be clear about what you think and what they think. In the end, you should summarize the most important points and end with a strong sentence.

8. Proofread

Check your interview writing twice for spelling and grammar mistakes before you send it. Take out any words or sentences that are not necessary, and check your structure, grammar, style, and punctuation again. You can have a friend or family member read the essay and give you comments. Sending the final draft to the person you interviewed is a good way to make sure you got their ideas right.

9. Cite

List any other sources you used during your study or in the interview itself. Depending on different factors, you may be required to use both in-text and end references, or you may only be required to use in-text references. In any case, you should always cite your sources. Even if you only used them for study or to find out basic information about the person you interviewed, it is important to name and correctly cite your sources.

Make sure that any straight quotes you use in your paper are surrounded by quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.

How to Cite an Interview in APA

In an academic essay, you have to explain why you interviewed the person and present them in a certain way. Here are the standards for citing an interview in the APA style:

Introduce the respondent in the right way and tell us about their past. Tell the interviewer why the responder is the right person for the job. Tell us their name and what their qualifications are.
Use an effective opening page.
Use Times New Roman 12-point type.
You can use direct quotes as long as you back them up with facts from the conversation.
Use block text for quotes longer than 40 words.
double-space your interview writing
How to Write a Title Page for an Essay on an Interview?
The title of your paper must include your name, the name of your school and department, the name and number of the course, the name of your professor, and the date of the task. Here are some rules to follow when writing the title page:
Make sure to capitalize and bold all important words in your title.
Put the essay’s title in the middle of the page a few lines down from the top.
The main page must have numbers that go in order.
Before the student’s name, there must be at least one blank line.
Tips on how to have a great interview

These four tips can help you have a successful interview the first time you try:

1. Plan your meeting.

Do not forget that you want to talk to someone in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. This could be a quiet coffee shop or book store. You can also set up a meeting that takes place live. Make sure that the conversation will take at least an hour.

2. Try a few things out.

If this is your first interview, practice with friends or family first. This plan can help you figure out which part of your interview will give you the most trouble.

3. Take Notes During Your Interview

Within an hour of finishing the conversation, you will forget about half of what you learned. Do not count on your memory; instead, bring a recording with you. Why would not you write things down? You do not want to get red in the face while asking someone to repeat what they just said. Wait for them to answer, and write down what they say.

4. Spend time with the person you are going to interview before you start.

It can be weird to talk to someone you do not know. You do not have to start asking questions about the job right away. Instead of that, you can talk about the weather or something else light. Spending some time with the person you are going to meet before you start will help you both relax and get to know each other.

5. Explain how your interview will go.

It is best to tell the person you are interviewing how the interview will go. Tell them you will be recording the conversation and start by presenting the topic.

How to Start a Paper on an Interview?

If you do not know how to write an interview essay, choose a subject first. Even though picking a topic for your interview essay is not hard, you should keep in mind that you might not be able to find people to question.

Let us say you want to find out if the government should make people get vaccines. Because of this topic, consulting companies are a must. It could be a doctor in the area, a governor, or the head of a community clinic. To be honest, it is likely that these people will politely refuse to talk to you for your task.

You can talk to friends or family members who work from home to find out more about how lockdown affects intellectual workers. Rather than relying on the views of experts, it is best to choose topics that regular people can relate to.

It is not a good idea to ask about well-known things like the shape of the sea. You would want to find high-profile, controversial topics that are really up for debate.

Explain why you are writing your interview essay.

Before you start studying a topic, you need to know why you are writing the essay. Think about this: “What should your interview writing say about you?”Sometimes, the goal of your essay will be clear from the topic you choose.

Find out more.

When you talk to someone for an interview, you have to ask them questions. You will not be able to do this, though, if you do not know much about your subject. Read some academic news, articles, and books. Once you know what your problem is, you can come up with a lot of interview questions.

Learn about the person you are going to interview.

A skilled interviewer will always talk about the interviewee’s life and experiences. If you are lucky enough to work with someone about whom you can read online, find out as much as you can about them. If the person you are interviewing has written books, papers, or studies, you will also learn more about them.

The more you know about a person, the more interview questions you can come up with about them. You can ask them if the story on the Internet is true: “Is it true, Mr. Interviewee, that you do not like people wearing face masks?”

Make a list of questions for the interview.

You need to ask both open-ended (“what do you think?”) and closed-ended (“yes/no”) questions to get a full answer. Sadly, it may be hard for you to come up with interview questions. Many people get stuck here. To get around this problem, you need to know how to answer different kinds of interview questions:

Behavior – How would you act if you were in this situation?
Also, think about the questions that follow the “yes” and “no” answers of the speaker.
What do you know about the subject? How old are you? What do you do for a living?
How much do you know about the subject? How much knowledge do you have?
Sensitization: What does the subject taste like and how does it feel?
Opinion: What do you think about this topic?
Emotional: How do you feel about the subject?
How to Make an Outline for an Interview Essay

The interview essay style is another important thing to talk about. This kind of writing follows the rules for academic writing (MLA citation style, APA interview citation format, Chicago style, etc.).

Spend enough time learning different ways to write to avoid failing this task. Pay attention to how you mention the person. Check out how you make a list of sources on the Bibliography page. A good interview essay style is part of the grading rubric, so do not forget how important it is!

If you want to write a high-quality essay, you need a plan that is well-organized.

First sentence of a paragraph

Now is the time to think about a strong hook sentence that will grab the reader’s attention from the first line. Find the best hook sentence (a quote, a metaphor, a story or joke, or a figure) for your work. The tone of the rest of your interview essay depends on how you start it.

The thesis statement is an important part of writing well in school. It has the most important information about your subject. Write down the person’s name, title, or social position, as well as a short description of why you think they are the best person for your interview essay.


The interview structure is the same for any five-paragraph essay. The main point, which is the first sentence of each body paragraph, must include a key piece of information. Include at least three main ideas from what you have written. This content should sound like the ideas you want to get across to your audience. Focus on why the speaker is worth listening to.


In the last paragraph of the article, the key points and different comments about the person and that particular interview are summed up.

It can seem hard to get a story from a conversation at times. Now is the time to find out how to write an interview essay (introduction, body, and end) by getting in touch with one of the best academic companies that writes papers. If you place an order today, you will get jaw-dropping content that is well-written and interesting within a day or even a few hours.

How to Write a Good Interview Essay: A Checklist

Exceptional Vocabulary

Make sure the style of the essay is easy to read. Optimize your writing about facts, because an interview report with a lot of complicated words is not good. If you need to, you can put straight quotes from the respondent between quotes marks. Your work will seem more credible if you use a wide range of words. Students whose work is hard because they use vague words. Always remember that your professor likes essays that are easy to understand.

Listen with your mind.

To understand what people are saying, you have to listen actively. Keep the interview essay short and in the form of a story. The professor cares about what you have to say. Think about your suggestions if you want to write a unique interview report essay.


It is not easy to learn how to write an essay about an interview. To get good at something, you need time and practice. Try using our easy-to-follow best practices to improve your writing and interviewing skills, which will help you get a good grade on this job.

Have you figured out how to write an interview essay? We can help. Our team of professional essay writers can help you write an interview essay from start that will get you a good grade. Our essay writers know how to help you at every step of the process, from planning and study to writing, editing, and proofreading.

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