How to write a nursing essay complete guide

How to write a nursing essay complete guide

If you go to college to study nursing, you will most likely have to write a lot. This could be hard for some students, especially those who do not know how to write essays or do not have enough time to do so. This piece tells you everything you need to know about how to write a nursing essay.

Different kinds of nursing essays can have different structures and goals. Make sure you know what your teacher wants you to do before you start writing. Let us start writing about nursing.

What is an essay on nursing?

A nursing essay is defined in a way that makes sense and is clear. Nursing is about taking care of sick people’s minds, bodies, and feelings. A nursing essay is a piece of writing that students use to share their ideas or learn more about a certain topic in the area of nursing.

What is the role of a nurse essay?

Writing a nursing essay is important because it helps students get better at researching, using words, and expanding their knowledge. Nursing essays also help students take arguments, back them up, and come up with ways to make study better in certain areas. So, every nursing student needs to learn how to write a good nursing essay.

How to write a nursing essay

  1. Understand the requirements of the assignment

Carefully read the essay question to get ideas for the essay you are going to write. The assignment may ask you to analyze, talk about, explain, etc. a certain topic or issue. To write a good essay, you need to know how to understand and answer the essay question.

2. Look for a topic

This step happens when your teacher or professor has not given you a topic to talk about. To find a good topic for your nursing essay, you need to think of a lot of different things to write about. Make sure you pick a topic you are interested in. This will make it easy to do research, since you will be one of your audiences.

3. Conduct thorough research

Check out all of the good sources you can find in the library, on the Internet, and in databases. As you narrow down your topic, gather enough information to find something specific. Do not forget to write everything down as you read, and be sure to note where you got your information to make citing it easier.

4. Come up with an outline

You need a thorough plan of what you want to include in your nursing essay. Make a list of all the subtopics you want to talk about in your essay. By putting information into groups, you can write a well-balanced and sensible nursing essay.

5. Write an introduction

The first line of an essay is the introduction. It tells the reader what to expect from the rest of the essay. Give a short summary of the information you are going to put in your body paragraphs. Explain why your topic is important to study.

6. Write the body paragraphs

A nurse essay has two to three body paragraphs, just like any other type of essay. This will depend on how in-depth the topic is, though. Each paragraph should start with a new idea in the first line. The words that come after the topic sentence should support the idea in the topic sentence.

7. The conclusion

In this part of your essay, you should sum up everything you have talked about. You can rewrite your theory and add more points. In the last line, do not say anything new.

8. Edit and proofread part

After writing your nursing essay, you should read it over and check for mistakes. Make sure that everything in the writing makes sense. Also, make sure that every piece of information is in the right section.

Top tips on writing a nursing essay

  1. Be straightforward in writing

When writing an essay about nursing, use short lines that are easy to read. Using long sentences may make your writing lose meaning.

2. Allocate enough time for writing

Make sure you give yourself enough time to study, write, and edit your nursing essay if you want it to be good. Writing your nursing essay a few hours before the deadline is the worst mistake you can make. You might end up leaving out some important information.

3. Adhere to all the academic principles

When writing a nursing essay for college, keep in mind that you are writing an academic paper. So, make sure you follow all the rules for academic writing.

4. Follow instructions carefully

Make sure you know what kind of nursing essay your teacher wants to see. Also, read and follow all of the directions before you start writing. Even a small mistake can hurt your grades a lot.

5. Relate theory and practical experiences

There are both classroom and hands-on parts to nursing school. In class, you will learn how to treat people, and then in the hospital, you will put what you have learned into practice. So, it is important for your nursing essays to talk about the same things.

6. Read widely

Use broad reading strategies to learn everything you can about your talk topic. Try to find the right information for your essay to make it better. Check out books from the library that are about your topic.

7. Apply logic arguments

Use critical thinking and rational reasoning to make sure your essay is at a high academic level. You will one day need to use these skills at work, so it is best to learn them as soon as possible.

8. Reference your work properly

To back up your study, use things like clinical evidence and academic sources. This shows that your research adds value to the published papers about your topic of discussion.

Nursing essay structure

After finding a good topic and evidence for your nursing essay, you should know how to put your essay together. A nursing essay almost has the same structure as other writings. Follow the framework below to write an interesting nursing essay:

  1. Introduction

The main goal of this part is to explain your essay topic to the people you are writing for and give them enough background information about it. At the beginning of your piece, you should explain why you are writing it and what it means in the nursing field.

Make sure the beginning of your nursing essay gets the reader interested in the topic and keeps their attention. For this, you need a hook, which can be a question, a shocking figure, or a quote from a well-known healthcare expert. Try to keep your introduction short and to the point so that it gives a quick review of your essay.

2. A thesis statement

Most of the time, the last line of your introduction is your thesis statement. It is the most important part of any nursing essay because it tells the reader what you think about the topic and what the main points are. So, your thesis statement needs to have one line that will be the basis for the rest of your points.

The thesis statement works if it solves the question of the essay and says that other people might not agree with your idea. You can look online for a sample nursing essay to learn more about how to write a thesis statement.

Look at this example: “The lack of nurses in the world’s health care system affects patient happiness, mortality, and the quality of care.”The main goal is to make a case for expanding nursing to solve patient complaints and family problems and make it easier to finish health programs.

Amnesia is the worst disease because it makes you forget important things, makes it hard to learn new things, and gives you fake memories.

3. The main body

This is probably the most important part of your essay, since your thesis statement will not work if you do not back it up with good reasons. The main part of your nursing essay should show how your research has gone. So, it is important to remember that each topic you want to talk about should be in its own part.

Every paragraph should also have a topic sentence in which you state your position on the problem, evidence to back up your position, a discussion of the evidence, and a sentence to wrap up the paragraph. You say whether the research that came after proved or disproved your point. Use only the information you need to get to the word count, or the quality of your work will suffer.

4. The conclusion

In this part of your essay, you should repeat your thesis, summarize the main points you made in the main body, and make any other suggestions you have about the topic. You should think carefully about how to end your work so that it is more interesting to the reader. In the end of your nursing essay, you should summarize the results and findings and talk about how important they are in the area of nursing.

The ideas in the conclusion should connect to the point of view of the thesis statement. The end is also your last chance to show the reader that your essay is strong, trustworthy, and true. What if your teacher does not have time to read the whole essay and only has time to skim the conclusion? They should understand what your writing is all about.

Since the logic in the main body of the essay is what the conclusion is based on, you cannot add new ideas or opinions. You need to focus on the essay’s main points and explain what your study means as a whole.

5. Editing and proofreading

After you have finished writing, look over your work for a few common types of mistakes. Proofreading is an important part of writing a nursing essay because mistakes in language, punctuation, and spelling can make your essay hard to understand. You can not use “I” or “We” in your nursing essay because it will make your work too casual and personal.

You should include all kinds of facts, claims, and ideas. To avoid problems with plagiarism, you should quote any information that is not obvious. Take your time and read over your article as carefully as you can. Note any numbers, tables, or graphs that you could use in your nursing essay.

Check to see if your work is easy to read and interesting to look at. Check your work for consistency and see how well your research is working. Make sure that every point you make in your nursing essay is important and gets to the point.

Nursing essay topics

The area of nursing is a big and complicated one. So, there are a lot of things you can write about in your nursing essay. The main goal is to come up with a unique and interesting topic that draws the reader in and makes them want to read the whole essay. Follow these rules to choose a good subject:

  1. Be open-minded

Do not just focus on one area of nursing, because there are many interesting diseases, reforms, and problems that you do not know about. Be open to new ideas if you want to come up with a good topic for your nursing essay.

If you want to write about the roles of nurses in clinical settings or how worry affects nurses, do not rush. You can still think about other topics, like teen pregnancy and medical risks, to come up with a theme that is informative, interesting, and useful.

2. Avoid personal criticism

Even though it might be tempting, do not let your opinions and feelings influence the topics you choose for your nursing essay. Make sure you choose a topic that you can talk about from many different angles.

If you are writing about benchmarking data for nurse productivity, do not just use the best cases. Instead, you should be neutral and try to find out all of the ways that benchmarking data could affect how well nurses do their jobs.

4. Cultural competence

Be careful about the community and society when you choose topics for your nursing essay. Do not choose a topic that could hurt your tutor or other students from other cultures.

If you want to write about legal health problems like AIDS, you can talk about how the high rates of AIDS are having a huge impact. Choose a different topic or make it about the rules of the nurse code of ethics.

Top nursing essay topics

  1. What is the role of nurses in the community?
  2. Discuss the nursing ethics
  3. Are there any challenges related to nursing?
  4. Talk about nursing ethics
  5. Are there more female nurses than male nurses?
  6. Describe the need for good nursing leadership
  7. Describe the steps to healing a severe wound
  8. Steps that nurses should take while dealing with hyperactive patients and related people
  9. Differences between challenges faced by doctors and those faced by nurses in terms of values and respect
  10. Is it possible to heal severe wounds without using any instruments?
  11. How to take care of patients in areas where there is no medical infrastructure
  12. Challenges related to medical infrastructure
  13. Ways of performing home nursing
  14. How can you improve your mental health?
  15. What are some of the dangers of dieting?
  16. Does technology play any role in nursing?

Nursing essay topic for moderate level students

  1. Talk about holistic nursing
  2. Can nurses be allowed to prescribe antibiotics or medication?
  3. What are the risks that are related to nurses prescribing medicine?
  4. Are there any problems related to payments in nursing jobs?
  5. How to deal with rude patients in the workplace
  6. Can civilians help nurses in treating patients?
  7. Causes of infant mortality
  8. The procedure of creating a resume for a nursing application job
  9. Impact of mental damage on nurses
  10. Explain the basic theories applied in nursing
  11. Talk about the nursing sector in India
  12. Does nursing require any soft skills?
  13. What to consider while choosing nursing as a profession
  14. How is nursing taught in schools?
  15. How can nurses manage depression?
  16. How can nurses deal with patients with partial dementia?
  17. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  18. How to make patients comfortable in neonatal units
  19. Is midwifery underestimated in society?
  20. How can health actioners balance between earning profits and treating the patients?

Essay topics for advanced nursing levels

  1. Explain reproductive endocrinology to your students
  2. Describe the symptoms of acute coronary syndrome
  3. How do you persuade people to donate their organs?
  4. Measures to improve the efficiency of nurses as doctor’s helpers
  5. The importance of psychological training in ensuring effective medical practice
  6. Has Covid-19 impacted the number of people considering nursing as a career?
  7. Pre- and post-delivery precautions should be performed
  8. What can nurses do to help Alzheimer’s disease patients?
  9. What precautions should be taken after a baby is born?
  10. Discuss the ethics of pediatrics
  11. Describe the origins of anxiety disorders
  12. Menarche and menopause have their own set of obstacles and symptoms
  13. Managing the weight gain that comes with pregnancy
  14. Covid-19 epidemic and chronic illnesses
  15. Write about obesity and weight-loss regimens
  16. Pros and cons of therapeutic injections
  17. Give your thoughts on how Henderson’s ideas can be applied to nursing
  18. A study of joint diseases in the elderly
  19. How can I avoid being admitted to the hospital with Covid-19?
  20. What are the ethics of geriatrics?

Nursing argumentative essay topics

  1. Should there be a greater emphasis on in-home nursing?
  2. Is it really necessary for a nurse to work on her emotions?
  3. How is racial discrimination in nursing a problem?
  4. Is nursing mostly a female-dominated field?
  5. What effect does the increased number of working hours have on nurses’ productivity?
  6. The pay differential between day and night shift nurses is significant
  7. Is it true that nurses are more susceptible to health dangers than doctors?
  8. When compared to the role of a doctor, how significant is the position of a nurse?
  9. Is it true that nurses are more compassionate than doctors?
  10. What is an appropriate number of nurses at a hospital?

Controversial nursing essay topics

  1. How can pharmaceutical companies strike a compromise between their ambition to make a profit and the requirements of their patients?
  2. What role do midwives play in assisting patients and doctors? Is the role of the midwife undervalued?
  3. Can saving be a critical aspect in dealing with life-or-death situations?
  4. What role does the family have in caring for members who are on pain medication?
  5. What are the most effective treatments for dementia patients in the early stages?
  6. Should nurses or doctors have the authority to decide when a patient’s life should be ended?
  7. Nursing practice and patient care delivery models are changing
  8. Is it worthwhile to make euthanasia legal?
  9. What steps should be taken to make parents’ visits to neonatal units more pleasant?
  10. What should be done to make trauma units more efficient and cost-effective?
  11. What can be done to keep nurses from being exhausted at the hospital?
  12. What role may general practitioners have in assisting nurses?
  13. Is it worth it to enable nurses to provide antibiotics to patients without a doctor’s permission? What are the benefits of making such a decision?
  14. How can nurses persuade the family to give the organs of a recently deceased family member?
  15. How might post-operative manipulations aid patients’ recovery?
  16. Is it important to tell patients the truth about their fatal diagnosis?

Simple nursing research topics

  1. My perspective on nursing
  2. Ideology in nursing
  3. Nursing is a profession with a variety of options
  4. Nursing interventions aimed at reducing the number of patients
  5. Nursing and the internet
  6. Nursing care and social and psychological concepts
  7. The nursing paradigm is Jacqueline Fawcett
  8. Why are only women allowed to nurse?
  9. Nursing concepts are weighed
  10. Assisting students in the fields of health care and nursing
  11. Nursing and religious issues
  12. Faye Glenn Abdallah’s contribution to nursing (an American pioneer in nursing research).
  13. Saudi Arabia’s nurse satisfaction rate.
  14. A shortage of nurses exists
  15. Nursing and information science
  16. A look at what it takes to be a nurse
  17. In a nursing home, I gained experience
  18. Mistakes made by nurses
  19. Issues with nursing literature
  20. Abandoning patients is an ethical concern in nursing
  21. Nursing care for the elderly with dementia
  22. Concerning nursing, I have certain intentions

More nursing essay topics

  1. Patient evaluation is the topic of this nursing paper
  2. Creating a nursing admissions essay
  3. Model of nursing care delivery that is innovative
  4. Writing a critical nursing essay
  5. Writing an essay about nursing philosophy
  6. How should students select appropriate courses to pursue a rewarding nursing career?
  7. Creating an essay emphasizing contemporary issues in the field of nursing
  8. Tips on writing a good nursing research paper?
  9. I’m working on a case study about ethical issues in nursing
  10. Nursing practice and culture

How to write a reflective essay in nursing

A reflective essay is a kind of writing that expresses your feeling, thoughts, and experience about an event or object. Nursing students will get these assignments as they face different incidences with medical personnel and patients.

A reflective essay is a perfect exercise to assist nursing students in understanding practical situations and studies through real-life experiences from a hospital placement program. To become a qualified nurse, you are a basic requirement.

At the time of practice, you are likely to face challenging moments and make many mistakes. A reflective essay will help you identify the kind of problem and show your doubts and professional concerns as you find a suitable solution. To develop a compelling nursing reflective essay, include the following:

  • Description

Describe using the right terms the situation that has happened at the workplace. You can use pseudonyms if there is any need. Emphasize describing all the details that matter to the incidence.

  • Feelings

Share any personal feelings you have experienced. Include enough information for the readers to understand the situation correctly.

  • Evaluation

Evaluation skills are significant when writing a reflective essay in nursing. Evaluate the incident as you sum up the major points you have noted throughout the incident.

  • Analysis

Look for information in nursing codes or medical or any literature that relates well to the incident at hand.

  • Conclusion

Ensure you sum us all that you have experienced. Include the lessons you may have learned from the incident. If there are any negative effects, list them and show how they can be eliminated.

  • Indicate an action plan

After the whole experience, there must be areas that you need to improve on. Think about it to avoid repeating the mistakes in the future.

Use first-person words when writing a reflective essay for nursing. The structure is the same as any other essay, with an introduction, body, and end. You should not follow all of the academic rules in the essay, because your teacher or professor will be looking for evidence of personal growth and experiences.

To sum up

Nursing essays are the same as any other kind of writing. If you thought it was hard to write an essay about nursing, you now know it is not. This piece has given you everything you need to know to write a strong nursing essay. When writing a nursing essay, make sure you do everything your teacher tells you to do. Choose something interesting and eye-catching. Also, make sure you stick to the basic five-paragraph style and put each piece of information in the right section. If you still need help choosing a good topic for your nursing essay or writing a great one, do not worry. Students at all academic levels can hire us to write their nursing essays. Order your nursing essay from us right now and your marks will go up.

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