Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment

Health impact assessment refers to a process that assists an individual in determining probable health impacts of a policy, plan or a project before its implementation. The process results in both positive and negative effects on the general public and their health which then influences the considerations made towards the plan, project, and policies. Out of the assessment, the health assessment comes out with the possible suggestion that is geared towards improving the positive health impacts and reduction of the negative health effects of the project or plan to be executed.

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2016, the health impact assessment revolves around various stages which include screening, scoping, assessment, recommendations, reporting, monitoring and evaluation…

Information required from the proposed project

In conducting the health impact assessment on a proposed waste management project in the locality, various information is needed to assess the impact on the community members…

Information from the community

To determine the probable health risks, the number of community members ought to be determined alongside their distribution in the area. This element is vital especially when it comes to waste generation which will impact the waste management regarding quantity to be dealt with…

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There is need to review the impact of similar projects in other settings to enhance and guide the execution of the current waste management project which will see the positive impacts enhanced as well as the minimization of the advanced health problems…

Decision makers in need of the collected information

The key decision makers in need of the health impact assessment information are the government agencies who are responsible for ensuring the public is kept safe at all times…


The health impact assessment is a critical tool that not only determines the negative effects on population health but also identifies the positive ones and even maximizes them…


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