Geopolitical Community

Geopolitical Community

Question 1.

A geopolitical community can be described by considering the natural or the man-made confines in which people live; geographic place or area. The man-made confines could be the urban centers where we live, work, or even school in. Natural confines could be the land formations that separate a group of people from the others (Maurer & Smith 2013). The community in which I live is a geopolitical because of the existence of the man-made confines.

Question 2.

A phenomenological community is a community that is relational and not set by boundaries (Maurer & Smith 2013). A Phenomenological community is one in which there is a common interest which makes the people feel that they are members of the community and that they belong to that particular community. For example, there could be a community that is bounded by the common goal of helping people. Being bound by the common goal of helping people and not by the geographic boundaries make the people be a Phenomenological community.

Question 3.

As the nurses provide care to patients in different communities, one of the major challenges they could face is the cultural diversity. Different people from different cultures view sicknesses in different ways. These diversities in the patients’ views could pose a challenge to the nurses in the course of the provision of care. Also, if the patient and the nurse speak different languages, it becomes a challenge for the nurses to communicate the instructions to the patients. As a possible solution to these challenges, the nurses should sharpen their skills in cultural self-awareness. This self-awareness helps the nurses understand their culture and language assumptions and biasedness.


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