Genomics and genetics essay

Genomics and genetics essay
Genetics and genomes research and its knowledge utility are still young in healthcare,
especially in the nursing profession. The challenge begins in the school where less emphasis is
given to genetics and genomes. Similarly, in the hospital setting, nurses handle less of the
activities that can lead them to encounter the genetics and genomes and use it medically to
achieve patient care. As it is well known, that nurses are the pivot of providing quality healthcare
services, they can be used to close the gaps existing in the research discoveries and how they are
adopted (Beery, Workman, & Eggert., 2018). Therefore, nurses should be challenged to obtain a
comprehensive physical examination that entails well-defined family history to identify the
persons who may potentially develop a genomic condition. Additionally, it will guide the
healthcare professionals in assisting the patients in making informed decisions, and also in
referring the patients appropriately.

Samantha Lore

Genomics has created a significant impact on healthcare, such that treatment can be
personalized for a specific patient. Different patients with the same condition respond differently
to various treatment measures, therefore identifying which works better for a particular patient is
a responsibility of genomic studies (Camak., 2016). Research of genomics has made significant
strides that need to be appreciated in health. For example, a disease can be predicted, and the
patient is given early treatment hence promoting health and preventing illness and complications
from diseases. Genomics has also reduced misdiagnosis cases which happen occasionally. The
biggest beneficiary of the genomics is the oncology unit, and this has prompted the nurses in this
unit to expand their roles in this area in the recent past. They play a role in educating the patient
and the family and ensuring they effectively benefit from the genomic resources.



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