Full Custom Essay on American Nurses Association

Full Custom Essay on American Nurses Association

American Nurses Association is the largest nursing organization countrywide and
worldwide and is one of the professional organization that aims at advancing and protecting the
nursing profession. (Egenes, 2017) Argues that the association started in the year 1896 as the
Nurses Associated Alumnae. In the early part of 1911, it was its original name. It was changed
and was named the American Nurses Association. Up to date, the American Nurses Association
headquarters is found in Silver Spring in the state of Maryland (Egenes, 2017). The association is
currently headed by Ernest Grant, who acts as its president. The organization is professionally
represent registered nurses in the United States. The association is always involved in fighting
for the rights of nurses in the workplace and in developing and ensuring the maintenance of the
standards of nursing (Harding et al., 2018). Besides, it helps in developing and upgrading the
general welfare and economic of nurses.

American Nurses Organization

According to (Lyle & Waxman, 2016), the American Nurses Association is made up of
three other subsidiary organization. One of the subsidiary organization is the American
Academy of Nursing, which helps in advocating for health policies for the service of the nursing
profession and the people worldwide. American Nurses Foundation is the second subsidiary
organization which is involved in performing charity activities in the professional association.
The third subsidiary is the American Nurses Credentialing Center, which provides credentials
with the various speciality in a nursing speciality and several facilities that offer nursing
education and exhibit nursing excellence. The America Nurses Association represents the

American Nurses Association 3
interest of millions of registered nurses through the enrolment of nurses into the association via
various joint membership and the state nurses association in the United States.
Each professional nurse’s organization has its mission and vision with the purpose that it
is working towards achieving. American Nurses Association is not an exception to these
professional nurses’ organizations. The association is mainly focused towards the disease process
of a particular disease, the advanced practice, health care setting, nurse’s leadership and age
(Lyle & Waxman, 2016). The association aims at instilling and maintaining the standards of the
nursing code of ethics throughout the nursing profession and practice. The mission statement of
the American Nurses Association is Nurses advancing the nursing profession to improve health
for all. Besides, the American Nurses Association works towards ensuring the promotion of
rights of nurses in the nursing profession and working towards the formation of new, useful and
practical health care reforms.
Lastly, the association enhances the improvement of quality and the standards of the care
that the patients receives in and out of the health facility by focusing their efforts on professional
education and patient care. The vision statement of ANA is to provide enough and the required
resources and leadership among the nurse that will shape the nursing profession and the health
care system in the current society and the near future.
Networking opportunities

The opportunities of networking that present itself to the members of ANA are limitless.
The association allows its members to get involved and engaged in the face to face interaction
that is very crucial in nursing profession networking. Members can meet people of the same
mindset, who have gone through various educational and professional challenges but are still

American Nurses Association 4
determined and ambitious to learn more and to see nursing change for the betterment of the state
of nursing in the future (Olson & Stokes, 2016). Besides, networking enhances the advancement
of an individual’s career in their areas of specialty in the nursing profession. ANA encourages its
members to start networking in their localities such as among the classmate and their teacher
while they are still in the nursing educational centers and immediately they are done with nursing
programs they are encouraged to join the states or country association. Therefore enhancing a
ladder of networking.
Several groups within ANA have specialized in various areas of nursing specialties and
are always dedicated in specific nursing specialties that are widely open to those working in
specialized care. According to (Olson & Stokes, 2016) ANA plan and implement for the various
conference, and the leading conference is the organization’s annual conference that brings
together different members of various nursing specialties under the same roof. Therefore sharing
their diverse information and experiences in the areas of specialization and mentoring the novice
nurses. The attendance of the members provides them with opportunities by finding the right
group in an inclusive and accepting environment.

Health information and professional development

When one joins ANA, he/she becomes a member of the great nurse’s community and
association full of networking and career development opportunities. Professional development
is one of the latest things that have been enrolled in the ANA, and it obtains its support from
nurses all over the country. Besides, it gives the member a chance to become the best nurses in
their profession, thus increasing the pride and the power of the nursing profession. According to

American Nurses Association 5
(Harding et al., 2018), ANA provides webinars and free development resources that allow the
members to acquire knowledge from it through reading, thus advancing their career.
The association provides scholarship and funds for the nurses who would want to enrol
and upgrade their level of education in terms of their career and profession. Which means any
individual who is a member and is lacking finances to advance in their career and to conduct
research, can find chances of developing in their career through the financial support offered in
terms of grants and scholarships. Thirdly, ((Koch et al., 2016) argues that ANA provides the
most current nursing news that is always up-to-date which enable the membership to have new
information about various health challenges and they can handle them. Further details on
technological improvement in the health care system are also provided such as information about
health informatics which entails the use of eHealth and EHRs that is used to stored patients
information on the past information (Koch et al., 2016). ANA plans for conferences and
seminars for their members to be, which allows the members to be trained in the most recent
changes in nursing care and evidence-based nursing.
The knowledge during the conferences and seminars is disseminated by qualified
research nurses who can convey the new, researched evidence-based practices that formed the
research of particular research thus enabling its members to use the most recent evidence-based
practice and therefore improving the quality of care that the patients receive and enhances job
satisfaction to the nurses. Financing educational programs, new health information that is most
recent and planning and implementing conferences and seminars for its members provide
opportunities for the ANA members to acquire new knowledge, learn and enhance the
development of their career and profession in their various areas of specialty such as critical care
and nursing informatics.

American Nurses Association 6


In conclusion, the American Nurses Association is a professional organization that is
greatest in America today. It provides its membership with various opportunities to enhance their
career development through multiple opportunities such as providing scholarships, providing
teaching resources and networking among its members. It works towards the achievement of
better care to the patients by championing towards improved quality care to the patients and fight
for the nurse's rights in the nursing profession. Conferences that are offered by ANA allows the
nurses to increase their networking with other nurses who have gone ahead of them, which
further enhances the development of career. Besides, ANA provides research grants that enable
its researchers to perform daily and various nursing research which help in delivering evidence-
based care to the patients.

American Nurses Association 7


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