Discussion on the future of healthcare in the United State

Discussion on the future of healthcare in the United State
Please respond to each person, 1 page each and 2 sources each. I have provided you with Lauren\’s post and Kristi\’s post.

•For each discussion, students are also expected to respond to the posts of at least two peers unless otherwise indicated in the directions for a discussion.
• Responses such as “I agree” or “good post” do not add anything of substance to the discussion.
• An appropriate substantive response may consist of sharing new ideas, suggesting alternative solutions, or even constructively disagreeing with someone.
• Responses should show evidence of critical thought.
• The response should not be a repeat of information from your original post. You should not use the same information to respond to two peers.
• Responses should incorporate information from sources in addition to the textbook.
• A minimum of two additional professional resources should be utilized in formulating your responses unless otherwise indicated. These should not be sources that you cited in your initial post and they should not be sources already cited in the person’s post that you are responding to.

Additional Information:
• A substantive response means that your message has substance, that it helps further the discussion of course content.
• Substantive messages will often include contributions of additional ideas and sources, insights or questions about classmates’ comments, connections to the course readings, ways of applying the information from the course, etc.
• Short comments, such as \”Good idea\” or \”I agree,\” do not constitute substantive posts on their own. Neither do comments that are unrelated to the topics at hand (for example, “I saw that movie too!”).
• Explain why you agree or disagree, and add some examples to support your belief.
• It is fine to include your opinion, but be sure it is an informed opinion. Include references citing supportive information.
• Relate any additional scholarly readings to the topic at hand.
• Ask additional questions of your classmates. Be sure to go back and answer questions that have been directed to you.
• Make connections between the topics at hand and the readings in the text.
• Add ways you can apply the information from the course in your work, practice, and educational life.
• Each of you brings a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to this course. Share them.
• Resources used in discussions should be professional sources documented in APA (6th ed.) format.
• Resources should be from professional journals (primarily nursing), sound data organizations (CDC, NIH, etc.), or textbooks.
• References should be current – published within the last five years.
• Sites such as blogs, Wikipedia, etc. are not considered professional resources.
• Avoid references from other countries unless the discussion relates to a country outside of the United States. Health care systems differ.
• Information from newspapers may only be used if referring to a particular incident in the news – (for example, up to date information about a Supreme Court ruling, the opioid crisis, contaminated water in Flint, MI., legislative policy status, etc., that is directly related to the topic). Make sure you do not use opinion or editorial articles in newspapers.
• Document information in the body of your discussion using in-text citations in APA format.
• Use direct quotes sparingly. Your postings should not consist of a series of direct quotes.
• All references should be from the United States unless the topic of discussion relates to other countries.
• Provide a reference list in APA format at the end of the posting.d