Custom Essay on Telenursing

Custom Essay on Telenursing
Healthcare has evolved over the past decade tremendously, with the inclusion of
technology to healthcare provision, a myriad of issues has been sufficiently addressed. With
inequities discussed, affordable and accessible healthcare has been a reality. Nursing is inclusive
in this rapid change — Telenursing governing how most nurses practice in the United States of
America (USA). With the inclusion of telenursing, nurses can easily interact with the patients
under their care, monitor their progress and advice in instances where need be (What is
Telehealth Nursing? Remote Nursing Practice., n.d). It has become increasingly useful in the
provision of care to patients in remote areas which are generally inaccessible to most.
Nurses practise it in basically all setups in the United States of America, and nurses
utilize it to carry out health sessions while they are at home, at the workplace, to those
incarcerated, amongst many more people to ensure maximum coverage. With a wide variety of
circumstances ideal for telehealth nursing; Instances in which service provision is promptly
required access to the patients yet is restricted, after natural disasters such as hurricanes, routine
checkups for clients with chronic conditions with necessary information on the planning,
implementing or conducting telehealth routines a requirement for one (What is Telehealth
Nursing? Remote Nursing Practice., n.d).
Telehealth nursing does not necessarily demand one to have certification; however, In the
United States of America, one is required to have a license to operate in several states. In the
event the setting is not federal, the nurses must be registered as registered nurses (RNs) to ensure
compliance to state and federal regulations in place. There is a general recognition in the United
States of America that nurse’s licensure compact does permit one to practice in all compact
states (What is Telehealth Nursing? Remote Nursing Practice., n.d.). In terms of competency, it
is required for one to practice with the standards stipulated by the American Nurses Association

(ANA). Legally, nurses must ensure the confidentiality of all patients they deal with as is a norm
in all requirements. To practice as a telehealth nurse, one must protect patient privacy as well as
meet the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements to maintain
patient confidentiality (Edemekong, & Haydel., 2018).
Owing to the rapid change in the structure of the healthcare system in the United States,
the role played by telehealth nurses is imminently bound to grow adversely. With the ever-
increasing employment opportunities for nurses, telehealth nurses are bound to change the
paradigm of nursing care as it is known (What is Telehealth Nursing? Remote Nursing Practice.,
It has further been agreed upon that telehealth nursing service quality is of satisfaction to
many patients. With the ability to monitor patient’s health, provision of immediate feedback, it
has increased the convenience in scheduling appointments to all in need of care (Bashir, &
Bastola., 2018).

A specific example of telenursing.

For instance, the case of Mr X, a 45-year-old, having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
six years ago and have been bound to his home owing to the inaccessibility of the hospital form
his hometown. He requires constant monitoring. His BMI is 32, BP 152/96, and a chronic chain
cigarette smoker. He is on Metformin 500mg daily QID, he last visited a physician seven months
ago and has continuously relied on information relayed to him by his nurse over constant
telehealth nurse. A perfect example of how telehealth nursing has been a success.



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