Cultural Model of Nursing Solved Essay

Cultural Model of Nursing Solved Essay
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Cultural model in nursing entails cultural competences nurses strive to achieve to work with patients, families irrespective of their ethnicity effectively. Nurses utilize the model in the patient evaluation process. The model has been of significance to the advanced nurse practitioners in their daily errands by linking different concepts of theory with the exact clinical practices.

In education, the cultural model enables the nurse educator to identify the cultural factors within the classroom environment that are likely to hinder the process of learning. Besides, it helps nursing students find meaning in their studies through couching from their educators. It is possible through the application of knowledge to already assimilated competencies in a cultural framework (Batable,2017). Furthermore, the educator’s comprehension of student demographics is a necessity for the improvement of the teaching-learning progression.

The need for culturally competent professionals in practice is the emphasis on the cultural model of nursing. According to MacEwan (2017), cultural emersion practices facilitate more transcultural nursing services to patients irrespective of their cultural background. The model advocates for actions about ethics that guide the profession. Besides, culturally competent surrounding that respects values, beliefs and behaviors of different people is a crucial element. The model advocates for nurses in administrative positions to ensure that policies made are per the diverse cultural perception (Darnell, 2015). It has facilitated the implementation of flexible programs and strategies that cater for all individuals of different ethnic background.

In summary, the cultural model in nursing has contributed to shaping the nurse practitioner into a culturally competent person wholly. The learning decisions, administrative development process, and active extended-lasting learning are evident in the nursing practice. With the cultural model in nursing, all impossibilities within the cultural context are likely.


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