Advanced Nursing

Advanced Nursing

Many times, it is hard for individuals to take in truth when revealed to them. They try to protect themselves from facing the truth, challenge or consequences by convincing themselves otherwise or others may react physically. Denial can be the case for delivery of worrying health information to an individual concerning their state of health, depending on how the information is delivered and how one is prepared for providing the message. With little understanding of the matter subject, chances of accepting the information given out are minimal. This is the case with my brother in law who is at risk of the cardiovascular condition.

Changing eating and exercising habits were among the adjustments my brother in law is supposed to make to reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular condition. This is against His will. To win his trust, I will let him express all the feelings and understanding he had concerning the matter. I will help him to understand that being at risk does not mean one is suffering but it is an early warning to take precautions. I will shade light on how the cardiovascular conditions and the complications they present with are devastating once a person contacts one. I will make him understand that there is a link between sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and chronic conditions, cardiovascular conditions being one of them(Stamatakis, 2018). I will explain to him that physical exercises not only prevent him from contracting cardiovascular conditions but helps other body systems to function optimally. Regular physical activities ensure physical fitness, increased muscle strength, proper joint mobility, and psychological well-being(Prentice, 2015). I will help him identify some healthy practices and foods that can replace the current habits without feeling a gap in some part of his life. Lastly, I will help him come up with exercising plan that fits his schedule.



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