3P’s Exam Reflection

3P’s Exam Reflection

The Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) assists nurse practitioners students and nurse practitioners to advance professionally and educationally (Timmins, 2013).  Their role in providing a framework for nursing practice in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) programs is immeasurable. They are actively involved in raising competent, dedicated practitioners who will be responsible for providing care to the families in the primary care setting. On reflection of the exam that I took last to go through the FP program, I made some findings with regards.  One of the findings is that the 3P’s that guide the nursing practice will play a significant role in improving my learning ability.

I noticed that the 3P exam that is provided by the Chamberlain University in association with the APEA assist in assessing the ability of an individual in integrating physical assessment, physiology and pathophysiology and the pharmacological principles that guide the care provided to the patient. The comparison of my results with the APEA population scores, to determine the overall ranking, I noticed that there are critical areas that I am needed to improve on. Some of the areas there is the urgent need to improve on knowledge on pathophysiology.  The FP program exam also provided me with the opportunity to determine that I am good at integrating physical exam findings with the physiology. My performance in this section was good; however, my performance on the pathophysiology was not as per my expectations. My scores call for an increase in focus on the issues that are related to the women’s health, pregnancy, neurology, and urology. By comprehensively working on the areas of weakness, I think I will be guaranteed success in my exit and the certification exams.




Timmins, F. (2013). Nursing Research Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice. Nurse Education in Practice, 13(6), e29. doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2013.04.001


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