Strategic Planning Development for Health Care

Strategic Planning Development for Health Care


Innovation is a primary ingredient for the success of any growing organization, particularly in healthcare management. Amid rampant technological change, application of innovation will enhance quality service delivery and improve the competitiveness of the firm.


Featured publication:Preventing Childhood Obesity in Michigan’s Classrooms’.

Issues in the publication


The article focuses on a wellness program that aims at preventing obesity in children in their early years specifically in Michigan State. It is surprising that Michigan State has the highest number of children under the age of 17 being obese. As a result, the organization known as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) launched a prevention program that is school based that will engage the children in the effort of adopting healthy eating habits at their tender ages. The organization focus is on younger children who are fond of spending most of their hours learning in schools. The program will cut across the elementary schools and the middle schools. (“NIHCM – Preventing Childhood Obesity in Michigan’s Classrooms”, 2016)

Building healthy communities (BHC) program focuses on two main areas in regards to the community healthy behaviors: Focus on healthy diet and doing in exercises regularly. It strives to achieve its goals by initiating easy access to physical education, sustainable education, healthy food, and activity programs. BHC is a big network focusing on schools in the bid to implement the healthy eating curricula and physical activity programs. (“NIHCM – Preventing Childhood Obesity in Michigan’s Classrooms”, 2016)

In its attempts to achieve its goals, it raised $5.6 million and derived a strategy that will assist them in program implementation. The program lies in creating partnerships with elementary schools and engaging middle schools. It is the best way in that it encourages full engagement and participation of the program officials, schoolteachers and principals and the students. (“NIHCM – Preventing Childhood Obesity in Michigan’s Classrooms”, 2016)

Concerning elementary schools, they came up with plans and strategies as follows;

  • Integration of nutrition lessons such as Dietary Guidelines for Americans in students learning activities
  • Implementation of physical education by physical educators
  • Provision of training equipment by schools
  • Involve the student leadership team

With the middle schools, the program had three plans as follows

  • Organize school wellness events
  • Student evaluations of different wellness tools
  • Impact sport and healthy education to their lessons



Healthcare organization to work for:

Wellness and fitness healthcare center

Reasons for suggestion

  1. Organization-There aim is to come up with a health and wellness center that prides in improving healthy by providing education and training to people on the importance of healthy eating and exercising .In connection to this statement, I would come up up with a fitness program to be implemented in the organization.
  2. Stakeholders-
  3. Public /Clients-There will be a need for the clients implement healthy eating habits to facilitate healthy living. The program will reduce susceptibility to diseases and complications resulting from obesity. The implications of the suggestions focus on spearheading healthy living as an organization.
  4. Partners-By combining efforts with partners such as the hospitals and the government, we shall be able to achieve the goals of creating a healthy society. The government will be expected to contribute funds to carry out training and educational services and while the hospitals will be expected to send obese and other patients to our centers for further training and education.

Preparing an organization for change and opportunities

Questions to ask,

  • Will the change be accepted or rejected?
  • Will the change fit the organization?
  • Are there enough resources to explore the opportunities?

Resources required for grasping opportunities

Before taking advantage of any opportunity, I will need to ask myself if I am ready to handle it and implement it in the business. After that, I will have to ensure that I have all the required resources and knowledge that will be needed in the implementation of the opportunity.

Benefits to the patients

  1. The wellness and fitness healthcare center will be beneficial to the patients. The boon comes from the lessons taught to them such as the way to eat healthily and the direction on regular exercise to keep fit.
  2. The government will be proud to be involved in the guarding his citizens against poor health. It may come up with the regulation that will encourage every citizen to participate in the fitness programs within the state.
  3. The facility can be beneficial and thus result to the development of a profit center. The case to consider it the ability of the program to attract people due to the positive results accruing to them after attending the Wellness and fitness healthcare center.



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