Research Design Custom Essay

Research Design Custom Essay
The qualitative research has several research designs which all fall under two general
classifications, either experimental or non-experimental (Creswell, & Creswell., 2017). The
experimental research design involves the manipulation of variables and random assignment of
participants to conditions. Non-experimental research design, on the other hand, comprises of
research that focuses on examining variables that naturally occur in the environment and lack
manipulation of the independent variable.
Experimental research is one of the first methods of quantitative research methods. It is
conducted using a scientific approach, and a set of variables are kept constant while others are
measured as a set of experiment. The experimental research design has high validity; therefore, it
can be used to justify the generalizability of results when conducted well. Its types include the
following; the pre-experimental, the true-experimental and the quasi-experimental research
design (Patten, & Newhart., 2017). These types will differ due to the classification of the
subjects in accordance with the specific groups by the researcher.
None experimental research design is a type of research that does not have the
manipulation of the independent variables nor random assignment of the conditions to the
participants. Unlike the experimental research design where it provides evidence when a change
is made in the independent variable causes a difference in the dependent variable is not possible
in the non-experimental research design.
The three main types of non-experimental research design include: the single-variable
and this is concerned with a single variable rather than relationships of several variables. The
qualitative research is mainly concerned with the broader question. It involves a collection of a
large amount of data and few participants; also, data is analyzed non-statistically. And finally the

correlational and the quasi-experimental involved in the statistical relationships and there is no
manipulation nor random assignment (Patten, & Newhart., 2017).



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