Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research


Qualitative research is an exploratory research aimed at gaining the understanding of underlying opinions, reasons, and motives as well as opinions. It is employed mostly in understanding the research or hypothesis preliminary to the quantitative research. The methods of collecting qualitative data include the use of a questionnaire, interviews among others.

Qualitative Method Experiment

In an experiment, a qualitative method was used to determine how effective compassion module is when used to teach undergraduate nursing students in an environment that support digital learning. The demand of higher learning in the world has resulted in employment of various teaching methods to deliver the needed knowledge to the students. One of the methods used is online learning (Mansour, 2013) . Online learning or e-learning enables the teaching and learning when teachers and students are geographically apart (Mansour, 2013). The online study, therefore, enables students to acquire the needed knowledge and experience through digital media platforms. In the modern world, digital technology is used to facilitates the process of learning. For example, most class lectures in countries like the United States are recorded and shared via platforms such as YouTube. Students all over the world are able to access them. In this research, students were provided with the opportunity to study online compassion module for two weeks(Hofmeyer et al, 2016). The students involved in the study were the final year nursing students, and the study was a theoretical concept(Hofmeyer et al, 2016). The students participated in the study through answering of the open-ended questions that were administeredwith Survey Monkey platform, before and after the two-week compassion study. The analysis of the student’s response was used to determine the effectiveness of the compassion module in nursing studies.

What makes the study qualitative?

In the study, the data was collectedwith the questionnaire. The questions were sent to the participating students before and after the study. Additionally, data was not used during the analysis of the research. The analysis involved evaluation of the questionnaire to determine the response of the students towards the compassion module learning.
















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